Terror Survivors

Aid to the Poor in Israel

Recovery from such extreme trauma can take a lifetime.

Recovery from extreme trauma is a path that many in Israel walk for a lifetime. Updated figures from the Israeli Security Agency's 2023 Annual Summary starkly highlight the growing number of terror victims, a number that the 7th October attack has tragically augmented. As of 2023, the number of injured Israelis and foreigners has reached staggering new heights, emphasising the ever-increasing importance of support networks.

Recent data from the National Insurance Institute from March 2024, indicates that 61,942 individuals have been victims of terrorist acts. The age breakdown of these victims includes 3,557 aged 0-3 years, 3,726 aged 3-6 years, 8,659 aged 6-14 years, 3,586 aged 14-18 years, and 42,414 aged 18 years and older.

The Iron Swords War, ignited by Hamas’s brutal massacre on 7 October, has claimed the lives of 1,468 people in Israel to date. These war figures underscore the profound impact on Israel since its onset.

According to data from Israeli media, the war has so far claimed the lives of 839 civilians, including 36 children under the age of 18. Among them were a 10-month-old infant, 7 children aged 2-9 years old, and 29 teenagers aged 10-17 years old. Additionally, 629 security and rescue personnel have perished in the war, 586 of them IDF soldiers.

Vision for Israel, since its poignant beginning following the 1996 bus bombings in Jerusalem, has stood steadfastly with survivors of terror. This tragedy, which touched the founders’ family directly, ignited a commitment to aid those who endure the aftermath of such violence. VFI's mission has since grown, touching thousands of lives through The Joseph Storehouse and later, the Millennium Centre, extending beyond financial assistance to include social support and celebrations like annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah events for survivors of terror.

Today, the scope of VFI's work is vast, ensuring that each act of kindness—whether a social event to provide relief from trauma, financial support during holidays, or individualised aid—is a step towards healing. The support provided is a testament to global generosity and serves as a beacon of hope to those navigating the aftermath of terror, war, and poverty.

As the numbers of those affected by terror rise, so does the need for compassionate aid. With your donations, VFI aims to act as a hand of support, offering comfort throughout the entire recovery process — helping survivors rebuild their lives and find solace in community and care.

You could help bring healing to the seriously afflicted — click the button below to contribute to this vital mission.

“We are all one human chain, and the care for strengthening the weak links in it should be in our minds wherever we go, anywhere and anytime. I hope you can continue helping the needy and be alongside them along their path.”

~ Shalom Jarbi Terror Survivor

“Thank you for the great effort and investment, for being professional and for your full partnership in activities for the well-being of victims of hostilities…and thus improve their quality of life.“

~ Ro’ee Cohen, Adv. Director-General Organisation of Victims of Hostilities

Are you willing to bless Israel, make a difference in the lives of people, and partner with God's plan for restoration of the land of Israel?

celebrating bar mitzvah
Purim celebration
Purim celebration at the Millennium Centre
giving scholarships
sponsoring cultural events
celebrating Hannukah

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Generosity Amid Uncertainty
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Biblical Disasters—Divine Providence
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Passover Aid in the Shadow of Coronavirus
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Inspiring Hope in the Face of Crisis
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A “Legendary” Purim for Underprivileged Children
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Flower Arranging with Holocaust Survivors
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An Evening of Peace for the Families of Sderot
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Warming the Winter for Those in Need
Warming the Winter for Those in Need
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Hanukkah Celebration with Holocaust Survivors at the Millennium Centre
Thursday 23 January 2020

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