Medical & Disaster Relief

Help Save Lives


Areas of service:

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • First Response Teams & Services

  • Disaster Relief

  • Ambulance Vehicles

  • Medi-Cycles

  • PTSD Counseling & Care

  • Blood Bank Assistance

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Beyond Our Borders



We are your hands in Israel—extending over the land to bring hope to the poor, healing to those who are suffering, and mercy to those in their deepest need. The focus of our medical efforts is to help both before, and when crises hit, so that ambulances, medi-cycles, medic bags, and emergency equipment are all ready to be deployed when needed to save as many lives as possible.


Rising Medical Costs in Israel

In the last 10 years, the amount that Israeli families have had to spend on healthcare each month has doubled. And while the government covers medical expenses for the poorest 10% of the population, those who are slightly above that level of poverty often find themselves in a troubling gap—not poor enough to qualify for full coverage, but not nearly wealthy enough to afford medicines or doctor visits on their own.

“Should I buy medicine this month, or food?” is a question we’ve heard too many times. And at Vision for Israel, we are committed to helping our brothers and sisters who have fallen ill. We refuse to let them suffer in silence.


How You Can Help

Your crucial financial gifts go to places like Magen David Adom, elderly homes for the needy, ICU and oncology wards—and to provide wheelchairs for disabled children throughout the land. So far, we’ve donated five ambulances and several medi-cycle to MDA, and emergency supplies to Rescuers Without Borders. Ongoing medical supply shipments are delivered on an ongoing basis according to the donations coming in with all items requested undergoing a deep screening process before approval.


Other Areas of Medical and Disaster Relief:

Humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees

In cooperation with Operation Good Neighbor, your donations have provided aid to the Syrian population who have suffered due to the long and tragic war in their country. As part of this project, essential food and supplies were passed to the Syrian citizens over the border. Medical aid was given to the injured in clinics that have been set up especially for this purpose. Medical supplies were delivered directly to the clinics and were utilized by the medical teams to treat children, women, and men who have fallen victim to the acts of cruelty Syria.

Giving with love is our answer to the cruelty we witness toward the innocent. Through this donation, we were happy to support the noble work of the Israeli medical teams and help save lives.


VFI Helps around the world too:

  • Help to Haiti after a tsunami in 2010 in cooperation with Rescuers without Borders

  • Humanitarian aid for Hurrican Katrina victims

Our goal is $50,000
The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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