Aid to the Poor in Israel

Reducing Poverty in Israel


Areas of service:

  • Poor and Needy

  • Family Assistance & Single Parents

  • Holocaust Survivors

  • New Immigrants to Israel & Aliyah Assistance

  • Victims of Terror Attacks

  • Battered Women, Rape Crises Help & Counseling

  • Widows, Orphans & Foster Homes

  • Children at High Risk

  • Lone Soldiers



Since 1994, Vision for Israel has been reaching out to Israelis of all backgrounds who are struggling with poverty. And this assistance has only become more critical, as a wave of poverty has swept the Promised Land—leaving many in its wake.

While Israel enjoyed much increase in 2019, end of the year poverty figures revealed that some 2.3 million Israelis, including one million children, live beneath the poverty line. The report also found that nearly one-fifth of Israelis, over 1.6 million people, suffer from food insecurity.

We at Vision for Israel continue to be deeply concerned for and dedicated to assisting underprivileged children, the elderly and entire families who are beloved of the Lord and in need. Please continue to help us ease the very real distress of hardship in Israel. Strained government budgets are due in part to Israel’s high-security needs.


Providing Basic Essentials

Thanks to the generosity of heroic donors like you, we’re able to supply essential emergency relief to poor and needy Jewish and Arab people living throughout the nation of Israel.

Through the Millennium Center, the relief wing of Vision for Israel, we are able to distribute essential supplies such as money vouchers, clothing, toiletries, kitchen and household items, appliances, blankets, towels, linens, diapers, infant and toddler necessities, toys, and so much more—all on a monthly basis.

With your help, we stand ready to answer the call—whenever the poor, immigrants, holocaust survivors, lone soldiers, and victims of terror are in need. We do this by working directly with social workers, government agencies, and congregational leaders to ensure that each situation is one of genuine need and that our efforts are making the greatest impact.


Assisting New Immigrants

Israel is home to immigrants from all over the world who have made Aliyah throughout the years. Many have escaped persecution for being Jewish and came to Israel looking for a sense of hope and security. Many leave their properties and belongings behind, coming to a new land with a new language, new culture, and new customs. And with no assistance, the transition process can be long and complicated.

Vision for Israel and the Jewish Agency work together with absorption centers, to donate large amounts of aid including food, clothing, blankets, baby supplies and more. We’re able to give individuals financial aid, furniture, electric appliances, and even medical aid.

We believe it’s our responsibility to help immigrants, the poor, the sick, and all who have experienced the trauma of war and persecution—to fully immerse them in community life, and Israeli culture.


Holocaust Survivors and Elderly

When the Holocaust ended, many persecuted Jews came to Israel for a place they could call home. However, a large number of Holocaust survivors living in Israel today are stricken by poverty and loneliness—with no families to care for them. And many must choose between buying food and medicine or heating their homes in the winter. In addition to all of this, acts of violence, terrorism, and even drought conditions can put their physical and mental security in jeopardy.

And while precipitation is desperately needed across the country during the rainy season, it is often a bleak and deadly time for the poor, the elderly, and those in need who live in isolation. For such people, there is often no holiday respite with good food and company—or even a small space heater to warm themselves. For them, the sun is behind the clouds for weeks on end.

It is our mission to reach out to these beloved people, and show them through our actions that we care for them. We provide them with financial aid year-round, bring heaters and blankets in the winter, and sponsor social activities every week. By bringing survivors together, we bless them with fellowship and community, while also caring for their material needs.


Victims of Terror

According to data published in May 2017 by Bituach Leumi (Israel's National Security), 20,000 citizens have been injured, and more than 1,300 have been killed in acts of violence since 2000. Since Israel was established as an independent state in 1948, more than 2,288 people have died from terror attacks. Sadly, the numbers are rising constantly. The loss of a family member affects a family physically, spiritually and financially.


Tragedy Takes a Personal Toll

Vision for Israel began helping victims of terror following a devastating attack on a bus in Jerusalem in February 1996 that personally affected our founders, Barry and Batya Segal. In this attack, their eldest daughter lost 3 of her schoolmates. Then around Passover, another acquaintance of their daughter was killed in another bus bombing. These were bus lines that their daughter used often. This tragedy inspired Barry and Batya to visit the relatives of the victims who had lost their loved ones in these attacks and to support them in their hardships.

Since Passover in 1996, it has been one of Vision for Israel’s highest priorities to comfort families who have been torn apart by terror attacks. What began with a small financial gift to a few families, blossomed to include more than 200 families annually with the opening of The Joseph Storehouse in 1998—and has grown to thousands today, through the Millennium Center.


Families Still in Need

Unfortunately, the number of terror victim families in Israel continues to increase—to now more than 3,000. But thanks to the help and generous donations that come in from all over the world, we are able to give a wider range of aid—including physical, emotional, and financial support.

This aid is of utmost importance to families and enables them to focus on healing from the traumatic experience without having to worry about daily needs such as medical supplies and household items. At Vision for Israel, we want to be the hand of support that comforts and supports these, and all others who have been troubled by the horrors of war, poverty, and terror—throughout their recovery processes.


Lone Soldiers

Close to 6,000 of the Israeli Defense Soldiers are alone—serving far away from their biological families. Many of them leave relatives, friends and a comfortable life abroad to come and serve the nation. Others are Israelis who have no place to go home to because of extreme poverty or broken families.

When not in active service, these lone soldiers go back to an empty apartment. They don’t have parents to hug them, wash and iron their uniform, or cook dinner for them. Many deal with financial distress due to low wages.

At Vision for Israel, we appreciate the sacrifice of the lone soldiers, so caring for them has become an important outreach project. We work closely with Yachad - United for Israel’s Soldiers—providing large travel backpacks, care packages and financial aid that will help the soldiers during their service. We salute our soldiers and will continue our endeavor to improve their lives.

Our Goal is 1200 Money Vouchers
To provide basic essential supplies and emergency relief.
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