Overcoming Hatred and Terrorism

Saturday, May 28, 2022

“No more will violence be heard in your land, devastation nor destruction within your borders. But you will call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise.”

Isaiah 60:18

Dear friends,

Can you imagine losing both of your parents in one day due to hatred and terrorism? Unfortunately, this is Ronen’s story and thousands of other Israelis who have also lost loved ones and experienced horrific trauma due to hatred and terrorism.

When Ronen was 8 years old, he and his family were on their way to a family reunion for the weekend. Before they knew it, murderous terrorists who were on the hunt to kill Israeli citizens surrounded their car. They began throwing stones at the car and then began shooting at them. In a second, Ronen lost both his parents and found himself bleeding in the back seat, along with his brother.

Ronen and his brother survived with injuries. However, the injuries to their bodies were nothing compared to the deep wounds that were left in their hearts from losing their parents in such a horrific way. Ronen underwent difficult and lengthy rehabilitation processes, and today he is 25 years old and has managed to recover. Ronen has completed his military service here in Israel and is now in need of support to advance and learn a profession in the field of social work.

Tens of thousands of Israelis of all religions and ages have undergone difficult and lengthy rehabilitation processes to help them overcome the trauma of terrorism and hatred. This severe trauma can paralyze people, making them helpless and mentally debilitated. These people were once living a normal life, but because of the trauma they experienced, their world has completely turned upside down. Fear and trauma can deeply affect a person’s mind, body, and soul.

So, how do we support people who have been physically and mentally harmed by severe acts of terrorism and hatred?

Since 1996, Vision for Israel has been offering assistance to these victims. VFI has impacted many Israelis whose lives have been ruined and who have been deeply wounded by the loss of loved ones due to terrorism. We have stood in the gap by providing for their needs, meeting and embracing them, and supporting them in many practical ways. We believe that caring for these people is a powerful way to overcome destruction, hatred, and evil!

Ronen is just one of the hundreds of students who have received and will continue to receive support for higher education studies. This year VFI plans to invest in the future of 60 Israeli students in their pursuit of higher education. Our goal is the raise $30,000 to invest in the lives of these students, which will greatly impact the future of Israel.

Now is the time to support the advancement of those Israelis who want to rehabilitate, overcome, and become valuable citizens that impact the nation of Israel!

Will you join us in making an impact on the future of Israel by investing in the higher education of these young Israelis who are choosing to overcome the trauma of terrorism and hatred? Please donate here.

“Doing justice brings joy to the righteous, and terror to those who do evil.”

Proverbs 21:15

Are you willing to bless Israel, make a difference in the lives of people, and partner with God's plan for restoration of the land of Israel?

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