Jan 5, 2021

On a dreary day, the morning of the 7th light of Hanukkah, during a very dark year—the light was rekindled in our hearts.
We chose Hanukkah to celebrate bar and bat mitzvah with these sweet children from terror victim families because what better time to shine a light through the darkness?

Each year, we at Vision for Israel organize a moving, meaningful, and unforgettable event. 48 boys and girls came to the Millennium Centre for a theatrical guided tour.

Below is an abridged version of the letter we received afterward:

“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the representative organization and its members, to Vision for Israel, headed by Batya and Barry Segal, for your contribution to the success of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah 2020 event for children affected by acts of hostilities.

At the Bar and Bat Mitzvah event, 48 orphaned children, bereaved siblings, disabled children, and children of disabled parents, who were hit by missiles and Qassam rockets in the Gaza surroundings and southern Israel. Children who have lost their families, parents, and siblings in the various deadly attacks have participated in this celebration with us.

This project is an exciting, powerful, and unforgettable experience for families and children, especially this year in light of the Corona crisis, where children who reached their bar/bat mitzvah age do not get to experience and celebrate an exciting event that is so important to them.

Vision for Israel contributed to the Bar and Bat Mitzvah event 113,141 ILS (US $35,546) for:

  • APPLE iPad + protectors for each child
  • Tefillin for every Bar Mitzvah child
  • Breakfast and lunch packages
  • Theatrical performance of "The Suitcase"
  • Balloon Design
  • Plate and sticker postcards
  • Amplification

Thank you for the great effort and investment, for the professionalism and full partnership in the activities for the welfare of the victims of hostilities.
In deep appreciation for the assistance in the implementation of various projects for the benefit of the members of the organization. May there be more generous and willing donors and, like the directors of Vision for Israel, Batya and Barry Segal.“

"Gratitude is one of the simplest but most powerful things humans can do to each other." (Randy Pausch)

Ro’ee Cohen
Director-General of the Organization of Victims of Hostilities

The success of each event we organize is measured by one thing—what each person takes with him/her from the event and carries in their memory. All of this would not be possible without your incredible support! Because of you, we were able to lift their spirits, and give them an embrace from afar so they know they are not alone.

On behalf of the children, we say Thank you!


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