The Warmth of Home for Hanukkah

Jan 5, 2021

What is a homeland? Is it the place where you were born and raised? Is it the place where you currently live? Or is it the place where you feel most at home?

Most of the lone soldiers in Israel originate from the US, Canada, UK, and South America. And they came here to serve, without family or friends. 

Many Jewish youths around the world feel a strong need for a homeland—a place where they can feel at home, where society is their family, and where they can express their Jewish identity. 

They dream of making Aliyah and feel a sense of duty to serve in the IDF and to contribute to the safety of the people of Israel. But fulfilling this dream can be a great challenge, involving a disconnection from their natural environment, and their family and friends. It takes the willingness to start a new life.

During Hanukkah, we took a trip to a Warm House for lone soldiers—a place for them to congregate, and warm their hearts. We gave them some Hanukkah gifts: toiletries, towels, and financial vouchers to purchase anything that they might need. The soldiers were delighted to receive these items and support.

Like many good people who support them along the way, we at Vision for Israel also feel admiration towards these young men and women—as well as a responsibility to stand by their side and support them. We thank them for their dedicated service—and you, for your unwavering support for these special young people.

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