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Education is vitally important to the promise of a better future for Israel. It’s proven to help provide greater social and economic mobility for families and has the power to lower the staggering poverty rate in Israel.

But, while Israel’s universities rank high in their quality, many less fortunate children never make it to higher education. The primary education system in Israel is in crisis—and it is widely recognized that our elementary and high school systems are at risk of becoming a weak point for the growth and welfare of the country.

At Vision for Israel, we’re focused on education in every sense. Whether it’s supporting young people throughout the land in their endeavors to succeed in life, or providing the rest of the world with accurate and up-to-date information about Israel and the middle east through our VFI News App, as well as speaking engagements at churches and TV stations.


How You Can Help

We believe that if basic necessities are lacking in children’s lives, they cannot learn properly. So we take it as our duty to help at-risk children by giving them everything they need to succeed.

With the scholarships and financial assistance, you help us provide to students throughout the land, the dream of a better life gets closer to reality every day, for those striving toward a better education.


Pack to School Project & School Fees

You can help make a difference—by providing students with the tools they need to go to school. And thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we’ve been able to help kids get prepared. Since 1999, Vision for Israel has provided school packs and supplies to over 214,500 children. With these items, children can begin to realize their full potential and help build a brighter future for Israel.

Since 2014, we’ve run a program that provides assistance with school fees to children from impoverished families—assisting more than 1,000 students annually.


Furthering Education

But we don’t stop there—as we firmly believe that ongoing study is an important virtue. At Vision for Israel, we also help students in universities and colleges by providing them with scholarships based on need and merit. We believe that the generous donations and the school supplies that students receive enable them to fulfill more of their potential and that they have a direct and positive effect on the future of our country.

Getting a higher education opens up the possibility of a comfortable life for young people but requires financial resources that many cannot afford. Victims of terror attacks and their family members deal with losses of loved ones or long rehabilitation processes. Oftentimes, the families’ financial situations change drastically due to the injuries and trauma, and spending money on higher education becomes impossible.

Each year, we donate scholarships to students from survivor families to support their rehabilitation and put them on the road to a better life. With your generous patronage, we can continue this important ministry to help those who have suffered greatly to feel the loving embrace of their community—and the investment in their success.

You can help advance the education system in Israel by investing in those seeking higher education because every student deserves a chance to take part in tomorrow’s Israel.


Nutritional Program

It is hard to believe that many schools don’t receive a budget for the nutritional security of their students. They must rely on charitable donations to supply the children with the most basic necessity of food, which is essential to their academic success. Your donations help fund nutritional security programs for children and youth in need.

One of the school principals recently wrote to thank us:

"Most of our students arrive at school without breakfast from home and wait for lunch to be served at 1 pm. To my great joy, and thanks to your generous donation, we are now able to provide our students with breakfast as well. I must tell you that the fact that they come and eat breakfast contributes a lot to their ability to concentrate and improves their chances of succeeding in their studies. As a school that has been working for years with youth at risk, we witness the significant effect that succeeding in school has on the futures of our boys and girls.“


Technology for the Classroom

One of the most effective ways to rehabilitate society and care for its future is to invest in youth education. We make a point of equipping classrooms with all the technological tools needed to provide the very best education.

We provided a local high school with laptops and other equipment to create a “smart classroom.” Using laptops helps the students advance significantly since knowledge of computers and technology is essential for success in the modern world. The students also use the equipment to express themselves creatively—exploring photography, editing, graphic design, and more.

"The ‘smart’ class is a deep source of hope because hope is the line connecting the past and the future through the present.”

— School Principal

It is thanks to your continued donations that we can reduce the gap among youth and enable those who come from difficult socioeconomic backgrounds to succeed and exit the cycle of poverty.


Hosting Children At-Risk at the Millennium Center

At-risk children in our community are often removed from their homes and placed in foster home frameworks because of parental dysfunction, neglect, or abuse. These dear children suffer from emotional difficulties, parental deprivation, and financial gaps compared to others their age.

And while children from normal backgrounds can visit fun places and enjoy special activities over the summer, at-risk children have no one to take them to or fund these types of diversions.

We are excited to host at-risk children at the Millennium Center for fun days, full of enriching experiences. During their visit, we provide food and fun activities that activate thinking and imagination and require cooperation between the children.

Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to give these children the attention, treats, and experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Our goal is $50,000
To provide assistance to children who are seeking an education, and scholarships for those who are furthering their education.
The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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