Building & Development

Building a Brighter Future


Areas of service:

  • Renovations for families in need

  • Recreation rooms for soldiers on the border

  • The Millennium Center

  • New Office Development



The heart of Vision for Israel lies in the center of the country—Modi’in—where our recently completed Millennium Center stands as a centralized hub of operations. With the lower floors of the Millennium Center dedicated completely to humanitarian aid, we are positioned to reach the entire population with life-saving aid in times of peace and war.

Over 25 years, we’ve been able to reach more than 1,000,000 Israelis in need, often with life-saving assistance. And from this new facility, we are able to touch the lives of so many more.


Why We Need Your Help

Many people in Israel still live in desperate poverty—subsisting in dilapidated apartments and poor living conditions. At Vision for Israel, we support and help fund renovations that make these conditions more livable, and less dangerous to their health.

Our base, the Millennium Center, was completed with the incredible support of donors like you—at a cost of $12,500,000. And while the building is up and running—keeping it in operation still presents a daily financial challenge. Monthly ongoing costs such as electricity, water, property taxes, cleaning costs, and other maintenance costs, are a constant reality. And without your continued support, we cannot continue to host events and deliver help to Holocaust survivors, terror survivors, at-risk children, and all others who depend on our ministry. In order to continue our mission through this vital center of activity, we’re counting on you to lead the way.


A Fresh Start for Victims of Terror

The donations that come to this fund also go to sponsor renovations for families, terror victims and Holocaust survivors who cannot afford to do so themselves. Moshe’s family is one example of where your donations go.

In December 2015, while he was at a playground with his wife and son, Moshe was stabbed by a terrorist, leaving him severely injured. His wife, who tried to fight off the terrorist, was also injured by multiple stab wounds. Aside from the physical scars, the family now suffers from severe post-traumatic stress from the incident—including their young son, who could only look on in horror.

The injuries and trauma weighed heavily on both parents—depressing their ability to earn a living, and leading to serious debt. Despite all this, Moshe has been making every effort to pull himself together, finding work as a driver while his wife, the pillar of the family, requires thorough mental rehabilitation and is unable to work. His salary isn’t enough to cover the family's expenses.

The family lives in an old, run-down apartment complex, with moldy walls, broken doors, a rotting kitchen, and broken plumbing. After an attempt to renovate in order to make it livable, they quickly realized they could not afford to continue and had to halt all progress. When we met them, they were living without a kitchen.

Through your loving partnership, we were able to help pay this family’s debt, and get their kitchen remodeled. Thanks to donors like you, Moshe and his family have the chance to heal in the comfort of a working home. It’s part of the mission you allow us to live every day when you support us with your gifts.


For Lone Soldiers—a Home Away From Home

The Israel Defense Forces soldiers serve with dedication—putting their lives on the line every day for our safety. Military activity is full of mental and physical challenges and frequently takes place in deserted areas fraught with harsh conditions.

In admiration of these soldiers, we at Vision for Israel provide pop-up parks and small club-room for R&R at army bases. The parks include synthetic grass, fences, wooden benches, and tables with covering—while the club-rooms include TVs, comfortable seating, games, and books. These amenities are just one more way we help Lone Soldiers feel your love and gratitude, through the opportunity to relax and de-stress.

Our goal is $50,000
To support ongoing maintenance and operational costs for the Millennium Center, allowing us to expand our humanitarian efforts.
The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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