Generous Hearts Making Incredible Impact

Saturday, April 13, 2024

As we take a look at what God did over these last three months, we are in awe of how many lives were impacted here in Israel. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and prayers that have made all of this possible. Let’s take a look at the faces, places, and people that were touched by your generous hearts!

Hope and Joy for the Survivors

The challenging war imposed on Israel on October 7th has impacted everyone, including Vision for Israel. We had to reschedule several planned events, including a musical brunch for Holocaust survivors. The event was postponed and took place at our center. The survivors experienced a morning brimming with music, comfort, and delicious food. We are thankful that amidst the turmoil of war, we were able to provide a time of hope, joy, and strength to each of their hearts, offering a much-needed respite from the stress of the war.

Impacting Lives By Supporting Families

VFI provided support and aid to many families throughout Israel. Some of the distributions included diapers and duvets to families, food baskets, gift cards, diapers to those in need in Jerusalem, and duvets were delivered to the homes of elderly families. The elderly expressed deep gratitude for the warm duvet blankets during these cold days. All the families have thanked us from the bottom of their hearts, and have blessed us in return.

Keeping Them Warm

Our team provided many of the elderly people in the city of Holon with winter clothing and warm blankets.

Equipping Defense Teams in the South

In the massacre of the October 7th Hamas attack, the Eshkol region endured significant suffering, prompting our commitment to support their defense teams, whose courageous actions saved the lives of many that day. VFI presented a donation of crucial equipment to the security officers of 32 emergency defense teams in the area. Each team received defibrillators, radios, and scanning lights. Despite the profound grief and trauma, the security officers expressed deep gratitude for the substantial contribution and ongoing support.

More Safety Shelters are Provided!

Barry oversaw the installation of additional safety shelters across Israel. In the North, 40 shelters were strategically placed throughout the Galilee and Golan Region, including in the city of Karmiel. During his visit, Barry also met with the mayor of Karmiel, who conveyed his gratitude to VFI on behalf of the city's residents.

In the south, one of the shelters was installed in Kibbutz Re’im, where 364 young people attending the "Nova" festival on October 7 tragically lost their lives. Since January, VFI has also installed 16 shelters in various schools across southern cities. To date, VFI has installed a total of 211 shelters since the inception of this project.

Equipping the Emergency Squad in Yanu’ach Jat

The cities and towns near the northern border have suffered from repeated terror attacks. The head of the local council and the security officer of Yanu’ach Jat, requested emergency equipment for the council's defense team to help guard and protect the residents of the area. Vision for Israel responded by donating 40 ceramic vests, 40 helmets, 5 medic bags, 2 doctor/paramedic bags, 15 scanning lights, and 5 stretchers.

Our team delivered the equipment to the head of the local council and enjoyed a special ceremony that honored VFI for the generous donation and support.

Your Generous Donations are Impacting Many Families

Thanks to your generous donations, we've been able to provide support to hundreds of families over the past few months. We've distributed essential items like food, blankets, clothing, and gift cards to help meet their needs. Our team has traveled to various cities and towns to ensure that assistance reaches those who need it most. In each location, we've encountered families facing significant challenges in putting food on the table. Your contributions are truly making a difference, having an immense impact on the lives of many people here in Israel.

Honoring the Reserve Unit

The reserve unit was mobilized to protect, guard, and thwart terrorist activities in Jerusalem and the surrounding area during the Iron Swords War. Up until now, they have been wearing bulky storm suits for the winter. One company sent VFI a request for better winter gear, and we were happy to respond by providing them with jackets and ceramic vests to equip them with the proper gear. The coats are light and adaptable to weather, and the vests are smaller, easy to carry, and provide a high level of protection.

Helping Fill the Table For Passover

Our dedicated team members distributed food baskets, fleece blankets, and gift cards to welfare families across Israel. Meeting these families face to face and providing practical support ahead of Passover filled our hearts with warmth. Their gratitude and blessings for the founders, donors, and our Vision for Israel team were deeply appreciated. Wishing each family a joyous Passover celebration this year!

Ambulance Dedication at the Millennium Center

A new ambulance was donated to MDA. The ambulance was dedicated in honor of the October 7th victims and is serving the Ramle population. We held a special ceremony at the Millennium Center and invited the veterans of Modi’in to celebrate this joyful event. This is the 6th ambulance that VFI has donated, and the 7th is on the way!

Are you willing to bless Israel, make a difference in the lives of people, and partner with God's plan for restoration of the land of Israel?

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