Science Equipment for Special-Ed Kids

Nov 24, 2020

Arazim School, in Jerusalem, is a special place for kids. It educates 76 boys from first grade up to sixth grade with special needs.

Over the years, we have supported the school's home economics class. But now, due to Covid, the school cannot hold these classes anymore. The school has decided to change the work outline in the science course, to adapt to the shifting demands of the pandemic.

So, we pivoted with them—to support the science program instead.

The children there follow a program that focuses on science, independent research, and experiential learning—while immersed in the types of technology that will be relevant to them in their future careers.

At Vision for Israel, we responded by donating science kits, which included 3 microscopes, 3 quality binoculars, an electric globe—as well as 2 research kits that will be used for science classes at the school so that children can experiment, explore, discover, and experience the world around them up close.

Thank you for your support, and for making this investment in the youth of Jerusalem possible.


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