Proveyendo para Niños en Situación de Riesgo

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At-risk children in our community are often removed from their homes and placed in foster homes because of parental dysfunction, neglect, or abuse. These dear children suffer from emotional difficulties, parental deprivation, and financial gaps compared to others their age.

And while children from normal backgrounds can visit fun places and enjoy special activities over the summer, at-risk children have no one to take them to or fund these types of diversions.

Since these precious children need so much support, our organization cares for their needs and well-being in a variety of ways. One way is hosting them at the Millennium Center for fun days, full of enriching experiences. During their visit, we provide food and activities that activate thinking and imagination and require cooperation between the children. In the end, the children are given gifts of goodies, as well as more practical items. The children always enjoy the festive atmosphere, indulgent meal, the many activities, and the attention.

Having a break from their routine means a lot to them, and we couldn’t do it without the generous support of heroic donors like you. We have supported a variety of frameworks for children and youth-at-risk and have donated computers to learning centers, furniture to foster homes and villages, and even vehicles!

“We appreciate your support in purchasing new computers, which helps us prevent youth from dropping out [of school], who participate in the excellence program and allows them to achieve, complete a diploma along with complete integration into the Israeli society”.

~ Sofi Bekowitz, CEO, Gesher El Hano’ar

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Donación de carro a aldea de niños
Toallas para niños en situación de riesgo en hogar de acogida
Patrocinando un taller de autodefensa
Auspiciando niños en situación de riesgo en el Millennium Center
Actividad de escape niños en situación de riesgo en el Millennium Center
Auspiciando niños en situación de riesgo en el Millennium Center

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Evento de Purim para Niños en Riesgo
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