May 28, 2020

Recently, we partnered with a very special organisation in south Tel-Aviv that cares for the homeless.

Every day, about 50 –100 people arrive and receive food to eat, a kind word, and an open ear—and if necessary—help for rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol.

On the upper level, those who struggle with drug addiction have a designated safe space to detox for 3 days. Long term rehabilitation is offered to them as well, at a different location.

We had recently begun supporting the soup kitchen, so Batya and Barry went in for a visit. They were deeply impressed with the work being done, and the care given to the homeless of Tel Aviv.

“They are doing great work, really. The hungry received cereal with milk, a hot meal, hot and cold drinks, and something sweet. We saw several dozen people who came to eat—they were in such rough shape. And because of the Coronavirus, they couldn’t go inside, and the food was served to them outside.”

Sadly, the neighbours have protested the food distribution so close to their homes. One of the neighbours even poured water from above to drive away the hungry food recipients, while other neighbours called the police. We were stunned by the inability to show compassion towards people who have no roof over their heads, and who suffer from extreme hunger.

While they were there, Barry and Batya met a woman named Svetlana, who was serving food. Svetlana herself had been homeless in the past and had been so severely addicted to drugs that she didn’t believe she had the strength to be rehabilitated. She was so thankful for the life-changing help she received that she now feels called to help others like herself.

Every day, she and her husband—who had also struggled with addiction—come to Tel-Aviv from Haifa to serve these people. It was wonderful to see.

Thanks to your generous support, Vision for Israel has donated dry food items (legumes, rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, pasta, tuna and more) that will satisfy many hungry souls—in addition to clothing for all ages and seasons, blankets, bedding, towels, furniture, electric appliances, books, toys and more.

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