Warming the Home for a Widow in Need

Jan 22, 2020

Gila*, 68, is burdened with cancer and very significant financial difficulties.
Her husband passed away about three years ago, after having lived a long period apart - leaving her and their three children with heavy debts. 

One of the children was in an accident and diagnosed with a 60% disability finding it very difficult to care for himself. Her daughter abandoned her child at an early age, leaving Gila the additional burden of raising him with very limited means.

But in spite of all this, and her physical disabilities, she has been raising her grandchild—supporting him financially and emotionally—while living solely on a government stipend.

We have been helping Gila for many years with basic and existential needs. Recently, the oven in her house broke down, and she could not afford to buy a new one. With your generous donations, we were able to purchase a new oven for Gila.

*Name has been changed


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