A Night at the Theater

Dec 20, 2019

Recently, we hosted the families of hundreds of victims of terrorism, Holocaust survivors, former soldiers and economically disadvantaged people, for an evening of fun and laughter at “Habimah” theatre in Tel Aviv to watch the comic show "Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer”—a comedy based on the plot of the satirical cult movie, which includes many of the familiar songs from the film.


After being seated at tables full of cakes and hot drinks, representatives of the organisation of victims of hostilities; Ra'anana's mayor; and co-founder of our organisation, Mrs. Batya Segal greeted our esteemed guests. She said, in part:


“You—each and every one of you—are the heroes of life. You are proof that there is nothing that can stand against the power of the will, and that love is the key to our victory over the hatred of all the perpetrators who seek our harm. Our very gathering here tonight is our answer to hate, terror and the Holocaust. They chose death, whereas we chose life. We chose to love, to rejoice, to dream and wish for a better world.”


This is the fifth year running in which we have sponsored this blessed initiative. There is nothing more satisfying and fun than fostering these beautiful moments of peace in the lives of people who need them so much.


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