Financial Assistance to Needy Families in Jerusalem

Jan 6, 2020

While distributing financial aid to the needy in Jerusalem, we met about 20 families and individuals facing financial hardship in their daily lives.


Michael* and Ilana* are parents to three young children and live on disability allowances due to the fact that Michael is hard of hearing, and Ilana suffers from mental health issues. They live in poverty and struggle to survive—relying on Michael's parents for their Sabbath meals.


Sima* is a 75-year-old, divorced mother of five. She’s worked various jobs over the course of her life but has had to stop due to complex family circumstances. The inconsistency at work has meant that she is not entitled to a pension, and only benefits from Social Security allowances.


During her marriage, Sima lived with her family in an Amidar apartment. Following the divorce, she sold the apartment during a recession and did not have enough money to buy another apartment from the proceeds. Sima lives very modestly, hoping to keep ahead of her municipal, water, electricity, and other expenses.


Your donations to Vision for Israel help those in need—like Michael, Ilana, and Sima—climb out of their distress, and help make a positive impact on their challenging lives.


*names have been changed


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