Crucial Aid for a Single Mother of Special Needs Children

Dec 5, 2019

As you know, it takes a lot of time and resources to raise a child—even more so when the child has special needs. At Vision for Israel, we regularly help families with aid over the holidays, monthly financial support, help with school payments, and even payments for legal expenses due to divorce.

One such example is Miriam,* who is going through a difficult divorce while raising 3 children—all of whom have special needs; a daughter on the autism spectrum, one son with emotional and learning difficulties, and the other with a developmental disability.

Miriam suffers from health problems herself—including hearing impairment—and her inability to work has put her family in extreme financial distress. Because of her recent divorce, Miriam and her children were forced to leave their home and rent an apartment.

Through your generous donations, Vision for Israel was able to purchase a washing machine for the family and gave them financial aid to purchase additional items that are essential to their well-being.

*Name has been changed

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