"Daniel" Musical – Love to Israel from the People of South Africa

Nov 1, 2019

"Daniel", a musical directed by talented South African musician Joe Nimand, was recently performed at the Jerusalem Theatre in Israel. His motivation for writing the play was his love for the people of Israel and the verse "And I Shall Bless Those Who Bless You" (Genesis 12:3).  


As a musician born and raised in South Africa, he felt he had responsibility for the state of the country. He chose the story about Daniel and the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar (also called Nebu). The story reveals how the uncompromising character of Daniel, who worshipped the God of Israel uncompromisingly and without fear, influenced the kingdom of Babylon, which was then considered the greatest kingdom on earth.


Batya and Barry Segal, founders of Vision for Israel, came to the musical and gave tickets to 40 Holocaust survivors.  Batya says:


When we received the invitation to the Jerusalem Theatre to watch the opening tour of the musical "Daniel," it was clear to us that we had to go see it. Due to the holidays, we were only able to go to the last show, which took place the day after Simchat Torah. On the morning of the show, we had only six hours to invite all the Holocaust survivors and friends of the organisation to come and see the show with us. To our delight, about forty of those supported by the organisation came to the spectacular show.


The excitement in the audience peaked when the playwright, Joe, who also played Daniel, came onstage and shared with the audience his desire to premiere the musical here in the Land at the beginning of this (Jewish) year.


The 30 dancers and singers conveyed to the audience through spectacular songs and dances much warmth, love, and support. No one in the audience remained indifferent, and the applause was enthusiastic.


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