Thousands Of Gentiles Celebrate The Feast Of Tabernacles With Israelis

Oct 22, 2019

“As for you, son of man, take a stick for yourself and write on it: ‘For Judah and for the children of Israel, his companions.’ Then take another stick and write on it, ‘For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel, his companions.’ Then join them one to another into one stick, and they will become one in your hand.” Ezek. 37:15-17

THOUSANDS OF GENTILES CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES WITH ISRAELIS: Visitors from around the world add to the festive air of Jerusalem with smiling faces and the music of many languages during Israel’s annual Sukkot Holidays. This year’s Jerusalem March took place on Thur., 17 Oct. 2019 to the glad cacophony of street sounds and music, and with rich displays of color seen in national costumes, flags and brightly decorated booths in front of city restaurants. More than 5,000 Christians from 100 nations joined Israeli marchers in Jerusalem for the 64th annual Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) festive parade. In the words of one local Christian spokesperson, “The whole world is learning that the gentiles can come to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with the people of Israel. It's an ancient tradition that we've revived over the past 40 years. These visitors represent a lot of admiration for Israel."  Along with delegations from Israel and around the world, the march saw collector cars, marching bands, flag-bearers, dance groups, IDF soldiers, street artists, inflatable characters, performers and sports teams. (JNN) The gathering of nations to celebrate the annual Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) in Jerusalem is an unfolding of God’s ancient prophetic word still to come in its fullness:  “Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord Almighty, and to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.”  Zech. 14:16

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4000 CONTESTANTS IN THIS YEAR’S BIBLE MARATHON: Adding to the international flavor of Israel’s Sukkot events this October, over 200 participants arrived from 22 different countries, including the USA, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Spain, and Uganda, to take part in the fifth edition of Israel’s Bible Marathon on Friday 18 Oct. 2019. The marathon which started in the city of Rosh Ha’ayin and ended at the Tabernacle site of Shiloh, followed the footsteps of one of the first runs recorded in history when a man of Benjamin ran to report the results from the battlefield. He ran from Ebenezer to Shiloh, the city of the Tabernacle, as mentioned in the biblical book of Samuel. In all, some 4,000 runners participated in this year’s marathon. The winner, Adisu Osano from Rishon Etzion in Israel, crossed the finish line in 3:02:42, breaking a new record for the event, which is considered especially challenging considering the terrain. President of the Benjamin Council Israel Gantz, said he was proud of the international status of the Bible Marathon and excited by the blessed partnership with runners from abroad, who through the land connected to the roots of the Bible and wandered among the vineyards of Shilo just like the ancient Benjamin dwellers. (JNN)

ISRAELI DELEGATION TO THE 2020 SUMMER OLYMPICS TO BE THE NATION’S LARGEST EVER: In 2020, there will be a record-breaking total of 85 Israeli athletes competing in 18 sports at the Summer Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo.  Israel's baseball team this year made it to the Olympics for the first time in its history, after beating South Africa 11-1 in a qualifying tournament. Peter Kurz, Israel Association of Baseball president called the accomplishment an “ultimate dream come true” which he attributed it to the “outstanding performance of a dedicated team”.  In addition to baseball, Israeli athletes will also compete in several other sports including jumping, shooting, and rhythmic gymnastics. Linoy Ashram is considered by many to be Israel's best shot at a medal with his rhythmic gymnastics skills. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Israel sent a delegation of 47 athletes to represent the Jewish state.  With a whopping increase of participants this time around, Israel is on its way to becoming a champion in global athletics as well as in high-tech, science, and so many other fields. (JNN) “For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory”. Ps. 149. 4

ISRAEL’S LATEST GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: LARGEST STENCIL ARTWORK ON EARTH: Israel has won Guinness World records in categories ranging from the highest toy-bricks structure ever built, to having the largest collection of owls and being home to the world’s oldest living man. Israel now holds the Guinness Book of World Records claim for the largest stencil artwork on Earth, according to a press release issued last week. The work, measuring 267 sq.m. was created by James, who goes by the name Ame72 in his artistic career.  His award-winning stencil work is described as a collection of urban scenes mounted on aluminum panels. The light weight of the frames allows the modular panels to be easily re-arranged. Its figures resemble Lego characters such as featured in the 2017 film The Lego Batman Movie.  Ame72 who has also painted his work in Hollywood and New York often deals artistically with social evils and the rejection of commercialism. (JNN)

CONDUCTOR ZUBIN MEHTA LEAVES ISRAEL’S MUSIC STAGE:  Zubin Mehta, 83, gave his final performance as music director of the Israel Philharmonic on Sunday 20 Oct. 2019 in Tel Aviv. He is retiring after 50 years with the orchestra.  Mehta became Israel’s music director for life in 1981 and has reportedly conducted over 3,000 concerts with Israel’s Philharmonic including tours spanning five continents. He was also music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic from 1962 to 1978 and of the New York Philharmonic from 1978 to 1991. Mehta has also conducted other orchestras around the world, including in Austria, Germany, and Italy.  Israel’s beloved maestro has needed to bow out of the music scene this year, including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's 2019 USA Tour in Feb., due to health reasons. (JNN)

ISRAELI-SWEDISH NASA ASTRONAUT PARTICIPATES IN FIRST ALL-FEMALE SPACE WALK: Two NASA astronauts, including an Israeli national, embarked Friday, 18 Oct. 2019 on the first all-female spacewalk.  Jessica Meir, a Jewish woman who is a citizen of Sweden, and Michigan-born Christina Koch floated feet first out of the International Space Station’s Quest airlock. They were tasked with replacing a failed power control unit. Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who has completed three previous spacewalks called the landmark spacewalk “significant.” “As much as it’s worth celebrating, many of us are looking forward to it just being normal,” she said. Fourteen women and 213 men have carried out spacewalks. The first woman was the Russian cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya, who went outside the USSR’s Salyut 7 space station in 1984. The latest extra-vehicular spacewalk was delayed by seven months because the space station had only one medium-sized spacesuit on board. NASA sent up a second medium spacesuit this month. NASA recently unveiled the prototype for a new spacesuit that could be worn by the next crew, expected to include a woman, to land on the moon. The suit is designed to give a customized fit to the individual astronaut, whatever their shape or size. (JTA/JNN)

ISRAEL INTRODUCES NEW MAMMOTH POWER STATION IN NEGEV: Israel has taken another step in moving from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly renewable energy, approving its biggest plant of unique solar panels to date. The plant, which is for commercial use, operates without generating pollution or any greenhouse gas emissions. The newly unveiled Ashalim power station, located in the Negev Desert near the city of Be'er Sheva, consists of 360 photovoltaic solar panels - which operate without generating harmful substances - making it Israel's biggest photovoltaic-based power plant. The power station aims to provide clean solar energy to the electric grid of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), supplying power to roughly 60 thousand households throughout Israel. (JNN) Israel’s ongoing contributions to humanity are astounding; its footprints of blessing to the world include scientific and medical innovations, technology to support the recovery of health to the planet, assistance to the nations in times of disaster; in essence, aid etched into the areas of mankind’s greatest needs. “That Your way may be known upon earth, Your saving health among all nations.” Isa. 67.2

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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