Scholarships for Terror Victims

Sep 20, 2019

Getting a higher education opens up the possibility of a comfortable life for young people but requires financial resources that many cannot afford. Victims of terror attacks and their family members deal with losses of loved ones or long rehabilitation processes. Oftentimes, the families’ financial situations change drastically due to the injuries and trauma, and spending money on higher education becomes impossible.

Each year, Vision for Israel donates scholarships to students from victimised families to support their rehabilitation and put them on the road to a better life. Thanks to the generous gifts of our donors, this year was no exception. We gave scholarships to 50 students at an honourable ceremony in Tel-Aviv. The evening included a speech by Ben Sela, the Enthusiasm Doctor, titled "An Energy Shot for Life" — a practical and humorous lecture about being enthusiastic about life, having balance, and how to properly manage challenges in relationships, parenting, and work. Our co-founder Batya Segal also spoke, emphasising the responsibility of the Israeli society to embrace and support the bereaved families and terror victims. 


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