Financial Aid for the Holidays

Oct 18, 2019

With the High Holidays approaching, everyone is busy with preparations and shopping. Unfortunately, there are many families in Israel who suffer from poverty and cannot afford to even buy groceries for holiday meals. Vision for Israel cares for these families by giving out hundreds of gift cards to shop at one of the biggest grocery stores in Israel. This financial aid makes it possible for these families to purchase the food they need for the holidays, and to celebrate with dignity.

During our team’s visit to Jerusalem, we met people who are facing complex financial difficulties. Sima and Ze'ev*, a couple in their 60s, have been known to the welfare services for over 18 years due to various socioeconomic and health needs. Their financial situation is a result of problems with employment and various debts. Ze'ev suffers from health problems — he has diabetes and suffered a heart attack about a year and a half ago. He underwent an operation and hasn't been back to work since. Sima takes care of him and helps him heal. She works and earns minimum wage, with most of her money going toward paying their debts. The many debts that have accumulated over the years and Ze'ev's illness make it nearly impossible to pay their bills or buy food and medicine.

Another family we met is the Ashkenazi* family. This is a family of seven, with children ranging in age from five to 17. The parents have a dysfunctional relationship and also deal with financial difficulties. The children have learning disabilities and suffer from emotional and behavioural problems as well. Due to the parents' difficulty to provide for their children, they have sunk into debt and their situation continues to deteriorate.

Your donations are lifesaving to these families and make a real difference in their lives! Be their hero this holiday season and make a contribution today. 


(*names have been changed)

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