Summer Fun at Millennium Center

Sep 6, 2019

While most children wait expectantly for summer vacation days filled with fun activities and treats, at-risk children feel the opposite. Many of them live in "warm homes" (similar to foster homes) away from their parents and aren’t able to enjoy traditional summer activities. 

Throughout the summer, Vision for Israel has hosted special events for these needy children at the Millennium Centre, where they can experience a fun day of positive experiences. Our team was excited to welcome dozens of children who arrived via organised transportation from Central Israel. The children were treated to a light breakfast and enjoyed fun activities led by clowns who entertained them with dancing, singing, bubbles, and much more. The children had a great time and participated with joy. At the end of the day, each child received a beautiful backpack to make them feel equal to their peers as the new school year begins. 

Just the act of going out of the "warm home" is a special experience for the children, and combining it with fun activities, gifts, and treats made it an unforgettable day for them. You, our dear donors, are the reason they have smiles on their faces. And thanks to your donations, we can help minimise the socioeconomic gaps in our society.

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