Israel Bars Entry To BDS Advocates Congresswomen Talib And Omar

Aug 20, 2019

“The Lord’s enemies will be like the beauty of the fields; they will vanish – vanish like smoke.” Ps. 37:20

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ISRAEL BARS ENTRY TO BDS ADVOCATES CONGRESSWOMEN TALIB AND OMAR: PM Benjamin Netanyahu said last week: "No country in the world respects America and the American Congress more than the State of Israel. As a free and vibrant democracy, Israel is open to critics and criticism, with one exception: Israeli law prohibits the entry into Israel of those who call for and work to impose boycotts on Israel, as do other democracies that prohibit the entry of people who seek to harm the country. Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar are leading activists in promoting the legislation of boycotts against Israel in the American Congress. Only a few days ago, we received their itinerary for their visit to Israel, which revealed that they planned a visit whose sole objective is to strengthen the boycott against us and deny Israel's legitimacy. For instance: they listed the destination of their trip as Palestine and did not request to meet any Israeli officials, either from the government or the opposition. The sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it. Therefore, the Minister of Interior has decided not to allow their visit, and I, as Prime Minister, support his decision. (Prime Minister's Office)

ISRAEL’S ARYEH DERI: ‘TALIB’S HATRED FOR ISRAEL OVERCOMES HER LOVE FOR HER GRANDMOTHER’: Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said last weekend he would allow Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to enter Israel on humanitarian grounds after Tlaib submitted a letter requesting to be allowed in to visit her elderly Palestinian grandmother in Judea & Samaria. "I would like to request admittance to Israel in order to visit my relatives, and specifically my grandmother, who is in her 90s and lives in Beit Ur al-Fouqa," Tlaib wrote in her letter to Deri. "This could be my last opportunity to see her. I will respect any restrictions and will not promote boycotts against Israel during my visit." Deri's office said he had decided to allow Tlaib into the country based on her letter and "expressed hope that she will live up to her promise."  In spite of the Ministry of Interior’s willingness to allow Tlaib entrance into Israel, and in spite of Talib’s promises to limit the focus of her visit to family, she, hours later, withdrew her request saying, that visiting her grandmother under 'oppressive conditions' would stand against everything she believes in. Deri responded by saying, “Apparently her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.” (Times of Israel/INN)

AMBASSADOR FRIEDMAN’S STATEMENT ON ISRAELI GOVERNMENT DECISION TO DENY ENTRY TO TLAIB/ OMAR: USA Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said last week: "The United States supports and respects the decision of the Government of Israel to deny entry to the Tlaib/Omar Delegation. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is not free speech. Rather, it is no less than economic warfare designed to delegitimize and ultimately destroy the Jewish State. Israel properly has enacted laws to bar entry of BDS activists under the circumstances present here, and it has every right to protect its borders against those activists in the same manner as it would bar entrants with more conventional weapons. Initially, Israel had indicated that it would accept the Tlaib/Omar Delegation, and use their visit as an opportunity to engage with and educate the delegation members with regard to Israel's vibrant and robust democracy, its religious tolerance and its ethnic diversity. Unfortunately, the itinerary of the Tlaib/Omar Delegation leaves no room for that opportunity. This trip, pure and simple, is nothing more than an effort to fuel the BDS engine that Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar so vigorously support." (USA Embassy in Israel) “May those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay.” Ps. 35: 4

OMAR AND TLAIB RIGHTLY BLOCKED FROM VISITING ‘NON-EXISTENT’ COUNTRY PALESTINE: At first blush, Israel’s decision to bar Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib looked like a mistake. It didn’t help that PM Netanyahu had initially signaled the two Democrats could visit despite their support for the BDS movement, which Israel has outlawed. When it became clear that Netanyahu reversed his decision at President Trump’s urging, the situation appeared to go from bad to worse. Both the United States and Israel looked to have blundered. Or so I thought. Then facts and history had their say. Now, I believe Trump and Netanyahu made the right move. They had no good options and chose the lesser of two evils. First, the facts are becoming clearer. Omar and Tlaib, we now know, rejected invitations to travel with other congressional members of both parties. Trips were organized by AIPAC to give new members briefings on security issues and include political perspectives from the government as well as critics. The congressional groups there last week, for example, met with Israeli leaders and Palestinians in Judea & Samaria. Why wasn’t that good enough for Tlaib and Omar, the first two Muslim women elected to Congress? In addition to wanting to go alone, they reportedly refused any government briefings and Netanyahu said their itinerary mentioned only “Palestine,” a country that doesn’t exist and a word often used to deny Israel’s right to exist.

According to National Review, the group that planned Omar and Tlaib’s trip, MIFTAH, runs a Web site that publishes anti-Semitic articles and celebrates Palestinian terrorists, several of whom murdered Jewish children. The link guarantees that the trip would have been a nonstop assault on Israel. It also could have led to violence. The two planned to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located atop the compound known as the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims and Temple Mount to Jews, where there were clashes last week between Israeli security forces and Palestinians. Omar and Tlaib likely would have made provocative statements there, leading some Israelis to fear a larger round of violence. Why take that chance? History proves that Israel is often held to a double standard, and this case is no different. Virtually every nation bars entry to those who wish it harm, yet it’s an international incident when Israel does it. Denunciations from the usual suspects are a reminder that Israel would have gotten no credit if it had opened its doors. Tlaib and Omar were not going in good faith. Why is the burden on Israel to welcome them? Put another way, when did suicide become a virtue? The fact that the two are members of Congress adds a complication, but not one big enough to overcome their long virulence and the potential for violence. They hate Israel and have made anti-Semitic statements. Moreover, the BDS movement they support is not ultimately about borders. It’s about Israel’s existence. (NY Post)

SEN. MCSALLY BLASTS OMAR, TLAIB’S ‘DANGEROUS’ RHETORIC AND ACTIONS: Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., accused Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., of pushing "dangerous" ideas about Israel last week and called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, R-Calif., to push back against their rhetoric. "Their actions and their words have been dangerous; their anti-Semitism and their support to the BDS movement. I mean they personally led an effort to ensure the House of Representatives couldn't pass a bill to condemn anti-Semitism," said McSally. "This is the wrong direction. We need to stand closely with Israel and not allow their dangerous ideas to be fueling any of the rhetoric that is against the Jewish people against Israel and supporting the economic BDS [Boycott, Divest, Sanction] movement and others."  House Speaker Pelosi said last week that both President Trump and the Israeli government debased their offices when they pushed back on plans by the two freshman congresswomen to visit the Middle Eastern ally. Arizona Senator McSally stated that she hoped Pelosi would stand up against Omar and Tlaib, call out their "dangerous rhetoric," and support Israel. (Fox) “They do not speak peaceably, but devise false accusations against those who live quietly in the land.” Ps. 35:20

ISRAEL HAS BEEN BARRING LAWMAKERS OF FRIENDLY NATIONS FOR YEARS: When Israel announced that it would deny entry to Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the decision struck many as an unprecedented step. However, this measure has taken place a number of times before, when Israel’s political enemies have attempted to enter the gates. Just last month, Fouad Ahmad Assadi, a Lebanon-born lawmaker for Spain’s ruling Socialist Party was denied entry at Ben Gurion Airport. Israel cited unspecified security reasons. In 2017, Israel barred the entry of a lawmaker from France’s National Assembly — the lower house in parliament — for the far-left France Unbowed movement. The lawmaker, Clémentine Autain said she was coming to meet Marwan Barghouti, a PLO commander serving multiple life sentences in Israel for the murder of dozens of people in terrorist attacks. That same year, Israel kept out two French members of the European Parliament, Pascal Durand, and Patrick Le Hyaric. The Interior Ministry cited the French lawmakers’ support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. Israeli law defined BDS calls as grounds for a lawsuit in 2011.  In 2018, a Ghanaian lawmaker, Ras Mubarak, who has called Israel a “rogue state,” said he was denied entry into the country. He had been planning to meet politicians in the Palestinian Authority. Neither the European Parliament nor European governments whose lawmakers were banned from entering Israel have been very vocal about it. That may be because European countries often bar entry to foreign lawmakers deemed to be troublemakers — including from fellow EU member states and other friendly nations. (J. Post)

INDIA: OVER TEN THOUSAND RALLIES IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL: Last week, braving extremely inclement weather and floods, SinghaBahini, a grassroots organization in India, organized a major pro-Israel rally in Kolkata, India. The Kolkata rally saw between 10 -12,000 people come together to attend. With bumper-to-bumper traffic and roads clogged due to sudden heavy downpour and floods, many more who wanted to attend the rally could not make it to the site. President of SinghaBahini Devdutta Maji, who organized the rally, said, "Hindus for generations have been facing genocides. This must end. They need to see inspiration in the tiny beautiful nation of Israel, on how they stop terrorism on their own soil and support their own people." Devdutta Maji, who visited Israel in 2018 and was hosted by Israel-based organizations and activists, told Jerusalem media sources, "Today's rally will help to build on the foundations we have created for the India Israel relationship on a people to people basis." The relations between India and Israel have shown a positive turn under the leadership of Israeli PM Netanyahu and Indian PM Narendra Modi. With strong trade ties, people to people contact and rallies in support of Israel as seen recently, ties between India and Israel are expected to strengthen further. (Arutz-7) “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you. And in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Gen. 12:3

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