Maternity Aid for Terror Victims

Aug 5, 2019

Irit* and Hayim* (*names have been changed) live in Sderot where they raise their two children, a 3.5-year-old boy, and a one-month-old baby girl. Hayim works for the Israel Prison Service, but his salary is not enough to provide for his family since he has to pay child support to his ex-wife. 

In 2011, a Qassam rocket fell near Irit and since then, she has suffered from post-traumatic stress and was officially recognized as a terror victim by the state of Israel. Before the event, Irit was independent and active, and although she strongly desires to lead a normal life, the trauma keeps her from doing so. The sirens affect her mental health, and her daily function has significantly deteriorated. However, Irit is making many efforts as part of her rehabilitation process. She’s taking medication and is striving to get back into the workforce, obtain the learning skills she lost, and restore her relationship with her husband.

Despite the immense efforts that Irit has made and the long way she has come, dealing with trauma in the midst of recurring rocket attacks is burdensome when coupled with the family’s difficult financial situation.

Through your donations, Vision for Israel has been able to support the family in various ways. Your recent contributions have even provided them with essential supplies for their new-born baby girl, including clothes, diapers, and toiletries. 


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