Day of Fun for At-Risk Children

Jul 19, 2019

The children at risk in our community are often removed from their homes and placed in foster home frameworks because of parental dysfunction, neglect, or abuse. These dear children suffer from emotional difficulties, parental deprivation, and financial gaps compared to others their age. While those children are able to visit fun places and enjoy special activities over the summer, at-risk children have no one to take them to or fund these types of diversions. 

As summer vacation began this year, we were so excited to host 60 at-risk children (for the first time!) at the Millennium Centre for a day of fun, full of enriching experiences. We welcomed them with a light breakfast and after that, they enjoyed “mobile escape room” activities. Very popular among children and youth in Israel, escape rooms are experiences that activate thinking and imagination, and require cooperation between the children.

The children were divided into groups and each group received a backpack with a game that included boxes and puzzles. In order to open a box, they had to solve a puzzle or perform a task. The level of difficulty was adjusted to the children’s ages, and they remained fascinated and engaged for the duration of the game.

Following the escape room activity, the children enjoyed a drumming session which exercises attention and concentration. The children learned basic rhythms and had a great time. Finally, we served pizza and gave each child a small backpack with a pencil case full of stationery. 

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to give these children the attention, treats, and experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. We are so grateful for their gifts. 

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