Martial Arts for Special Ed Students

Jun 12, 2019

Children enrolled in special education often suffer from low self-esteem and require a lot of positive affirmation and empowerment to believe in themselves. Recently, through your generous donations, Vision for Israel donated a special day of activities to 130 students at a special education school. The day started with a workshop by a self-defence instructor who taught a unique method that gave the children the physical and mental tools to deal with dangerous and unwanted situations. The instructor talked about martial arts and demonstrated techniques with the students. The main message was that the skills promote peace and are meant to be used for self-defence and building confidence. 


After the workshop, the students went back to their classrooms and enjoyed another martial arts activity, which was carried out in a positive atmosphere. The children were introduced to the wonderful world of the sport and its values — discipline, mutual respect, building self-confidence and personal capabilities, a healthy body image, and more.


The children learned life lessons through this fun and engaging experience, and it's all thanks to you, our dear donors. You make it possible for us to provide these children with empowering activities. 


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