Kitchen for Terror Victim Family

May 13, 2019

In December 2015, a terrorist stabbed Moshe, severely injuring him while he was at a playground with his wife and son. His wife tried to fight off the terrorist and was stabbed too. The couple now suffers from severe post traumatic stress and so does their son, who witnessed the whole ordeal. 

Because of the injuries and trauma, both parents' earning ability was significantly compromised and forced them into serious debt. Moshe is making every effort to pull himself together and despite his physical difficulties, he manages to work as a driver. However, his salary is low and isn’t enough to cover the family's expenses. His wife, the pillar of the family, is in need of thorough, focused mental rehabilitation and is unable to work. 

Moshe's son talks about the attack every day and describes the horrors that he saw. The sight of blood, cuts, and his parents' struggling for their lives will be engraved in his memory forever. Suffering from anxiety and PTSD, his condition is deteriorating daily and he needs therapy urgently.

The family lives in an old and run-down apartment complex, with walls full of mould, broken doors, a rotting kitchen, and wrecked plumbing. They attempted to renovate the apartment to make it liveable, but the work stopped soon after it began. Moshe had initially agreed to pay for the renovations, but in reality he wasn’t able to make the payments. The family is now left to live without a kitchen until they can cover the debt.

Our heart goes out to this family, and we want to do everything in our power to support them during this difficult time. Will you partner with us in helping pay this family’s debt and getting their kitchen fixed? Be their hero! Visit our donation page for Victims of Terror and make a loving contribution today. 


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