Celebrating Bar & Bat Mitzvah for Terror Attack Victims

Nov 30, 2018

Yesterday, we celebrated Bar and Bat Mitzvah for children from families victimized by terrorism. This has become an annual event that we enjoy sponsoring. 60 children and their families arrived in the morning to celebrate their coming-of-age ceremonies and enjoy a day filled with exciting experiences and surprises.

The celebration began with a joyful procession to the Wailing Wall accompanied by drums and shofars. At the Kotel (Wailing Wall), a poignant ceremony was held with the Military Rabbinate choir, and the families were treated to a rich and delicious lunch. At the end of the day, everyone gathered at the President's House for a closing ceremony. The boys and girls received gifts throughout the day — the highlight being a laptop for each child, which was provided by Vision for Israel.

We were excited to see these dear children take a break from the sorrow, pain, and long rehabilitation process, and enjoy the day with their families.

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