Financial Aid for Israelis in Need

Nov 22, 2018

Many families and single people in Israeli society suffer through poverty and hunger due to harsh circumstances. Additionally, many of them are afflicted with various health problems that only make their financial situation worse.

Vision for Israel supports and gives financial aid to families and singles in need throughout Israel on a regular basis. Over the last week, the VFI team has given financial gifts to 17 families in Jerusalem. Their gratitude warms our hearts over and over again and emphasizes how vital the aid is and how it literally saves them from hunger.

Rina* is one of our recipients, and this is her story:

She is 68 years old, divorced, and has diabetes compounded by other health problems. Due to her financial situation, she is unable to purchase medicine and pay for necessary medical treatments. Rina has four children, but unfortunately, they are not able to help her financially either. Despite her age and declining health, she began a job cleaning offices, but her NIS 3,000 per month salary isn’t enough to cover her expenses. In the past, Rina had taken out loans to survive, and paying them off has made her circumstances even more challenging.

Rina is just one person, but there are countless others like her. Vision for Israel strives to reach as many people as possible and help them get on their feet again. 

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