Exciting Activity Report: Issue #1118

Nov 8, 2018

“You shall call, and I will answer You;
You shall desire the work of Your hands.”
— JOB 14:15



One of our favourite times of the year is the opportunity to bless thousands of children with schoolbags before the new school year. After a donation of 120 backpacks to a home for children at risk, a charity that looks after children from broken homes, CEO Moshe sent us the following letter:

“Shalom Dear Batya,
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including our children in your school pack project. Your donation of 120 schoolbags enables the children to get excited, to joyfully prepare for the upcoming school year and to feel just like their 
class mates. Every gift and donation that these children receive fills their hearts with joy and helps them deal with the many difficulties in their lives. Thank you for your ongoing support over the years.”

We are always very grateful for the letters. Here is one from a social worker.

“To Vision for Israel,

We would like to thank you on behalf of the families for your generous and beautiful donation! We received the school bags donation gladly and passed them on to the needy families. There was great joy among the families, who thanked and blessed this beautiful initiative. We thank you and appreciate your generous donation! You have made many children happy.

BI - Social Worker Staff”



We frequently receive wonderful letters from the beneficiaries of our annual mission to provide financial aid to people in need for the High Holidays. Hundreds of families from all across the country received aid this year: young couples, single-parent families, children with special needs, victims of terror, Holocaust survivors, the elderly and lone soldiers. Here is just one of those letters:

“Barry and Batya Segal and Vision for Israel,
Your organization is well known for being exemplary in giving and particularly in helping diverse people in society. The holidays are always a sensitive season because the feeling of loneliness is magnified and the distress of the needy is worsened. You guys are exceptional and amazing people who help in both small and great things, worthy of many kind words! Be blessed for the new year in abundance and generosity with no end.”


t is a difficult time in parts of the Ukraine, and many families have made Aliyah to Israel. We were so excited to hold a special Pack to School day in Ashdod for some of these families, many of whom were about to send their children into their first year of school.  
We celebrated the occasion with hot dogs, popcorn, drinks, and special performances, as more than 180 children received brand new school packs, ready for their first day!  What a privilege it is to be able to bless these people and see their smiles.

In September, Vision for Israel, in cooperation with the Organization for Terror Victims, once again sponsored a cultural night at the Cameri Theatre for terror victims and their families.
Everyone was treated to a light and classy fare of appetizers and desserts. When Batya was called to the stage, she told the crowd about the vision that led to the establishment of VFI, and how she wanted to bring change to the needy populations in Israeli society. Afterward, everyone enjoyed the famous Shakespearean comedy Much Ado About Nothing, starring some of Israel’s best actors. We were also able to bless 30 soldiers with tickets to the play.

Batya shared about her experience from the evening:  “It really warms our hearts to see the victims and their families come to a classy cultural event, dressed well, and enjoy being pampered. Being part of an evening like this and seeing the faces of hundreds of people and their pleasure is truly seeing the vision being fulfilled.”



Working with Cafe Europa for the fifth year, we organized a reception and movie especially for English-speaking seniors at Lev Smadar Cinema in Jerusalem. The event was sold out, with 250 guests attending.

Our guests enjoyed croissants, cakes, hot drinks, and a performance by the band Toka Toka, who played a variety of American and Jewish classics. Then it was time for a special showing of Quartet, a warm, tender story set in an English retirement home for musicians.

We were delighted to treat our cherished survivors to a pleasant evening of entertainment and friendship to help ease the loneliness and distress they often suffer. It was also a wonderful opportunity to expand our partnership with the community.

See the smiles on the faces of our dear recipients, they speak much more than any words expressed. Thank you for enabling us to reach out to those in need. Vision for Israel is celebrating 25 years of ongoing love and care.


Thank you for partnering with us!

Barry & Batya and the VFI team

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