Jarad Kushner Working to Close UNWRA

Aug 8, 2018

“The Lord loves justice, and does not forsake His saints; they are preserved forever, but the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off. The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell in it forever.” Ps. 37: 38-29

JARED KUSHNER WORKING TO CLOSE UNWRA: White House Adviser Jared Kushner is working to uncover the true number of Palestinian Authority (PA) refugees. The number given stands at several million, but this includes descendants of refugees, as well as those who have settled in other countries and those who still live in their homes. According to the American Foreign Policy magazine, Kushner has told senior White House officials that UNRWA is the central problem in correctly defining the refugees, and its activities should be limited. Foreign Policy also quoted an internal January 2018 email which stated that, "It is important to have an honest and sincere effort to disrupt UNRWA. This agency perpetuates a status quo, is corrupt, inefficient and doesn’t help peace. Our goal can’t be to keep things stable and as they are. Sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things in order to get there." In a June 2018 meeting, Kushner demanded Jordan strip its PA refugees of their status, eliminating the need for UNRWA operations in Jordan, Foreign Policy noted. (Arutz-7)

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ISRAEL’S DEFENSE MINISTRY UNVEILS GAZA SEA BARRIER: The border administration in the Ministry of Defense on Sunday 5 August 2018 unveiled initial pictures of the new sea barrier on the border with the Gaza Strip currently under construction. The barrier is 50 meters wide with a six-meter high fence on it. Construction of the barrier began two months ago. It is believed that work on it will be completed by the end of the year. Border Administration head Brig. Gen. Eran Ophir said, "The barrier is a kind of impenetrable breakwater composed of three layers: an underwater layer, a layer composed of reinforced stone, and a third layer of barbed wire fence. In addition to these layers, another fence will be built surrounding the area that will provide a response to the security threat." Commenting on the progress of the plan, Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman said, "Work on building the land and sea barrier around the Gaza Strip is progressing rapidly and impressively. Every day that passes, our preventative capabilities around the Gaza Strip are growing stronger." In addition to work on building the sea barrier, work on the underground barrier surrounding the Gaza Strip designed to prevent the digging of attack tunnels leading to Israel is continuing, in addition to deployment of a technological system warning of the presence of tunnels. (Globes) For months, Palestinians have been sending balloons and kites rigged with incendiary devices (some bearing swastikas) over the border from the Gaza Strip to Israel -- causing devastation to land, crops and livelihoods. More than 7,000 acres have been set on fire by these arson attacks. Continue to intercede that a solution will also be found to this latest means of launching hatred and destruction against Israel. Pray according to scripture: “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. Isa. 54:17 

EU REPORT DETAILS INTERNATIONAL WEB OF HEZBOLLAH TERROR FUNDING: A newly released EU report on terrorism states that Lebanese nationals worked with organized crime organizations to finance Hezbollah’s terrorist activities. The European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2018 wrote, “In 2017, member states carried out several investigations into financing of terrorism. One major investigation focused on a large network of Lebanese nationals offering money laundering services to organized crime groups in the EU and using a share of the profits to finance terrorism-related activities of the Lebanese Hezbollah’s military wing. The report added, “The cooperation of these money-launderers and Hezbollah was a clear example of a nexus between organized crime and terrorism.” Hezbollah has played a key role in aiding Syrian dictator Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war that has resulted in the deaths of more than 500,000 people. The Iranian regime is the chief financial sponsor of Hezbollah, with an annual $700 million supplied by Tehran to the Lebanese terrorists group, according to the USA government. In 2012, Hezbollah operatives blew up an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria, murdering five Israelis and their Muslim bus driver. (J.Post) 

SENIOR SYRIAN SCIENTIST KILLED IN CAR BOMB: A senior Syrian scientist was killed in a car bomb in Hama province on 5 August 2018. Dr. Aziz Asbar, one of the directors of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center, was killed along with his personal driver as they left his home. Asbar was believed to be involved in the manufacturing of chemical weapons as well as the development of medium and long range missiles such as Iran’s Fateh missile program. He was the second most senior scientist at the Center and was reported to have close connections to Iranian and Korean scientists. According to Hezbollah’s al-Manar news site, Asbar headed Department 4 at the center, which focuses on the development of all of Syria’s ballistic missile and rocket programs. The department is also in charge of Institute 4000, which houses several chemical weapons programs. Syria agreed to dismantle its large chemical weapons stockpiles in a Russian brokered deal following the August 2013 sarin gas attack in a rebel-held outside Damascus which saw an estimated 1,400 people die, including 400 children. But Syria has since been accused of repeatedly using chemical weapons in the seven-year civil war. Israeli officials have raised concerns in the past about the transfer of advanced weaponry to the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist organization. Israel is reported to have struck the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center several times. (J.Post) “When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it. I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a native green tree. Yet he passed away, and behold, he was no more.” Ps. 37: 34-36

ELIE WIESEL’S CHILDHOOD HOME IN ROMANIA VANDALIZED WITH ANTI- SEMITIC GRAFFITI: Unidentified individuals spray painted offensive graffiti on the external walls of a museum for Elie Wiesel in Romania, where he was also born. The florescent pink graffiti that was painted on the Memorial House Elie Wiesel in Sighet in eastern Romania read “public toilet” and “Nazi Jew lying in hell with Hitler” as well as “Anti-Semite pedophile.” Wiesel was one of the world’s most famous Holocaust survivors before he passed away in 2016 at the age of 87. A Nobel Prize laureate for literature, he was honored last year by locals in his hometown. They marched from the museum, which was built where Wiesel was born and grew up, to the train station where in 1944 he boarded with his family a train to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. “What was done is unforgivable,” said Chaim Chesler, co-founder of Limmud FSU. Chesler’s group sets up cultural events for Jews across the former Soviet Union and other places where many Russian-speaking Jews live. “Elie is a symbol for all Holocaust survivors and that makes this incident especially painful. Everything must be done so that such cases not repeat themselves.” (JTA)

AFTER COMPLAINTS, AMAZON REMOVES SWASTIKA PENDANTS, ONESIES WITH BURNING CROSSES: Amazon says it has removed items with Nazi or white supremacist symbols from its website after criticism from advocacy groups. An Amazon executive said the company blocked the accounts of some retailers and might suspend them. Such items, however, were still listed and displayed on Amazon.com as of 5 August 2018. Democratic USA Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota complained to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last month. The company’s vice president of public policy, Brian Huseman, responded to Ellison, telling him that Amazon prohibits listing products that promote or glorify hatred, violence or intolerance. In early July 2018, the Partnership for Working Families and the Action Center on Race and the Economy highlighted Amazon listings including swastika pendants and baby onesies with a burning cross logos. The groups said that Amazon’s “weak and inadequately enforced” policies allowed racist and anti-Semitic groups to generate money and spread their ideas. (Times of Israel) Intercede against blatant anti-Semitic activity on social media and Internet websites. Pray that anti-Semitic, money-making endeavors and abuse will continue to be exposed and blocked - such as advertisements brought to light concerning Amazon. 

SOON: ISRAELI SYMBOLS IN ABU DHABI: Two weeks after Arab countries were banned from hosting Grand Slam tournaments due to their boycott of the Jewish state, the Arabs may be giving in. In light of the many past incidents in which Israeli athletes were banned from competing under Israeli symbols in various tournaments hosted by United Arab Emirates, it appears that soon Israelis will be able to appear for the first time in history under the Israeli flag and, in the event of winning a gold medal, to have Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, played. The historic decision comes after a great deal of Israeli and international pressure on the heads of the Arab state. According to Israeli media sources, it appears that a compromise is underway and the Emirates will be able to host large tournaments again, subject to the appearance of the Israeli flag and anthem. This means that the Israeli flag will be present in every official place: on the competition website, on the scoreboard and of course on the robes of the fighters. Such a development will be a breakthrough in the relations between the countries and for Israeli sports in general. While Israelis had been allowed to participate in competitions in the country, their Israeli identity had been completely erased, whether in judo, sailing, or tennis. (Arutz-7)

ISRAEL’S CREDIT RATING UPGRADED: Financial services company S&P last week upgraded Israel’s credit rating to AA- from A+ with a stable outlook. The company said that the upgrade was due to an improvement in the Israeli government's fiscal policy. S&P predicted that the Israeli economy will grow by an average of 3.3% between 2018 and 2021. The main growth factors in these years are expected to be private consumption, continued investment by corporations, and strong performance in the export of services. The company also pointed out that despite divided local politics, the coalition successfully approved the two-year budget for 2017-2018 and then also approved the budget for 2019. In addition, analysts have in recent years seen a growing commitment to fiscal discipline, together with the government's compliance with its budget targets. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) welcomed the announcement. "The confidence in us expressed by the strongest economic bodies in the world allows us to continue to grow the economy and, using the fruits of the growth, to maintain a policy of narrowing social gaps and strengthening the middle class and the weaker sectors of society,” he said in a statement. (Arutz-7)

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