Sep 13, 2021

The work of Vision for Israel has become a lighthouse and a safe harbour for many people. During our time as an organisation, we have helped Holocaust survivors, children at risk, victims of terror attacks and PTSD, new immigrants, lone soldiers, and those in poverty in Israel.

Recently, we donated 5 ambulances and 3 medi-cycles to MDA (Magen David Adom). And so far, over 30,000 emergency responses have occurred with these vehicles. Saving lives and saving people is what it is all about.

Now, Vision For Israel is proudly adding two new vehicles to the list of donations. These include:

  • An intensive care ambulance that will be stationed in the city of Modi'in.
  • A Bloodmobile—A special mobile unit for receiving blood donations—the first of its kind in the country.

Thanks to you, our generous faith-led donors, 30,000 people have been able to receive medical assistance.

The dedication event was heartfelt and meaningful, full of sincere speeches and words of gratitude. The event took place at the Millennium Centre in Modi'in, Vision for Israel's headquarters. Among the guests were the mayor of Modi'in, Mr. Haim Bibbas, the director-general of the Modiin municipality, Mr. Yoram Carmon, and the municipality's deputy CEO Mr. Guy Ido.

MDA representatives included: Dr. Eli Yaffe, Prof. Eilat Shinar, GDP Yoni Yagodovsky, Ephi Bar, Lt. Col. Ziv Kleinbert, Lt. Col., Lior Altman, Adi Elias, Rafael Herbst, and Abigail Klein.

“This is a day we dreamed of seeing since Vision for Israel was founded and began 27 years ago. Not only being able to save lives when needed, but to serve the community around us and all Israel. It gives us the privilege to serve, providing hope and strength in any time of need for emergency services provided by Magen David Adom. We do not just believe in miracles and visions but in their coming to fulfilment.” -Barry

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