Panic Buttons for Holocaust Survivors

May 3, 2020

During this pandemic, necessary social isolation measures have led us all to feel lonely. But to some, that loneliness points to far greater risk. Those of advanced age—including Holocaust Survivors—are at higher risk of complications if infected, but also more at risk of serious harm if left unattended for too long.

Unable to be checked in on by family members, or even volunteers anymore, our hearts break to hear reports of isolated elderly who died in their homes without anyone knowing, to be found lifeless several days later.

In this difficult time, it is important more than ever to watch over them, to respond to them when they need help, and to let them know that they’re not alone.

Each year Vision for Israel donates hundreds of subscriptions to remote panic buttons for Holocaust survivors. And this year, this donation is more essential than ever.

The panic buttons are installed in the survivors’ homes, and the subscription allows them to summon immediate help at any hour. A doctor or ambulance comes to the survivor’s home immediately in an emergency such as emotional distress, a fall, injury, or sickness.

Holocaust survivors are dear to our hearts, and it’s important for us to embrace them, to support them, and to watch over them—especially during this time.

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