Aid for Passover in the Shadow of the Coronavirus

Mar 23, 2020

The Coronavirus crisis weighs heavily on us all—with significant effects on our physical and emotional well-being, our collective sense of security, and of course our economic reality.

Many families who have been fighting for their survival since before the crisis, are in greater need of assistance than ever. Thankfully, we have found some creative ways to continue our vital financial aid distribution for Passover, in accordance with the government's instructions.

Our brave staff members have ventured out, leaving financial-aid debit cards inside bags hanging on the doors of dozens of families in Jerusalem. Hundreds of additional cards are being mailed by registered mail to Holocaust survivors, families, singles in need, citizens of the southern region, terror victims and lone soldiers.

Some additional facts:

  • Since the beginning of the month, over 329,000 unemployed have been added
  • In the last 24 hours, over 95,000 new people have entered unemployment (not including the 50,000 before the crisis) and the numbers are going up each day
  • Until Passover, it is projected that half a million people will be unemployed
  • Bitu'ach Le'umi (National Insurance) will not be able to cover them all
  • The welfare offices will be flooded with requests for aid
  • If the crisis lasts for 2 months, it will take 3 years to get back to normal
  • More families are falling into the poverty circle
  • Our aid is more needed than ever before

All that we’ve been able to accomplish so far has been possible due to your incredible support. Thanks to you, we can continue to be your eyes, hands, and feet in Israel—to do the important work of the Gospel.

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