Flower Arranging with Holocaust Survivors

Mar 9, 2020

Many of the Holocaust survivors living in Israel today suffer from unbearable loneliness, on top of both physical and health problems, and sometimes poverty too.

At Vision for Israel, we do our best to care for them in as many ways as possible. Recently, we hosted 50 survivors from Be'er-Sheva at the Millennium Center for social fellowship centered around a flower arranging activity.

Barry and Batya welcomed the survivors with an accordionist as they disembarked from their bus, and ushered them into the hall for a delicious brunch. The day's activity included a singalong session, which led some of the survivors to dance joyfully.

The flower arranging workshop began after dessert. The survivors learned how to cut and arrange the flowers in a classic style. Some of our generous volunteers handed out the flowers and provided assistance for those who needed it. To cap off the event, the survivors received useful gifts such as bed linens, towels, scarves, and hats.

Shortly after the event, we received a thank you letter from the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Survivors that read in part:

"We received positive and moving feedback from the Holocaust survivors who participated in this event, and they were thankful for the opportunity you gave them—getting out of the house to lessen the loneliness, and to enjoy a delightful and cultural event.
The survivors told us that this is one of the most amazing events that they got to participate in, that they [thoroughly] enjoyed it, and that they haven't had this much fun in a long time, that it was special, and they will remember this event until the end of their days...".

We are honored and privileged to invest your donations in the continued care and support of our beloved survivors. It was such a wonderful day.

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