Financial Aid to Families in Need

Dec 2, 2019

Recently, during our financial aid visit to several welfare offices, our Vision for Israel team encountered many people whose complicated life circumstances had led them to live in extreme poverty—many also suffering from health problems which further complicate their ability to support themselves financially.

Among the dozens of people we spoke with, were victims of domestic violence, parents of special needs children, new immigrants, and those who are socially isolated or sick.

Rachel* lives in a tiny apartment with her 4 children, one of whom has special needs. Her husband has been refusing to give her a divorce for many years and she is living on a government stipend alone.

Anna* has been raising her 9-year-old granddaughter by herself, as her son is a drug-addict and incapable of taking care of his daughter. She’s struggling to keep the family afloat.

The Koren* family has 8 members, and their financial situation has deteriorated due to the father’s health issues.
Yael* is sick with cancer, which has also taken her son’s life. She’s struggling to support herself financially while undergoing difficult treatments.

Smadar* is divorced, and lives with her parents along with her 3 children. Two of the children have special needs, and she’s is having difficulties finding a job that will be flexible enough to allow her to care for her sons.

All of your donations enable us to help more families like these—to bring healing to their pain and fight poverty!

*Names have been changed

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