Backpacks to Children at Risk

Nov 5, 2019

The new school year has started, and we're still receiving words of gratitude and moving descriptions of joy in the eyes of those children who received schoolbags and pencil cases.

As part of the Pack to School project, schoolbags and pencil cases were donated to an organisation that cares for children and teens with behavioural, emotional, or social problems and low educational attainment. The organisation operates little villages, where the children live with foster parents. It aims to reduce the number of children and teens at risk by doing systematic work with families.

We received a lovely thank-you note from the organisation, saying:

"Thanks to your kind contribution, we were able to give the children of the village moments of feeling equal to every other child in Israel.

When a child who is not in a boarding school starts the school year with new school supplies, and especially with a new school bag, it is taken for granted, but for a child in boarding school, receiving a new school bag and pencil case is an exciting and empowering moment. Thanks to Vision for Israel, the children of the village get to have a moment of such joy and happiness, for which we extend our continual, heartfelt thanks."

Your donations to Vision for Israel help reduce disparities among children, giving children from disadvantaged families a chance to escape the cycle of poverty and distress.


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