July Activity Report

Jul 11, 2019

Building Confidence Through Self-defence

Children enrolled in special education often require lots of positive affirmation and empowerment. Recently, VFI donated a day of activities to 130 students at a special education school.

The day included a self-defence workshop by a martial arts instructor, who gave the children tools for dealing with dangerous situations. The children were introduced to the wonderful world of the sport and its values — discipline, mutual respect, self-confidence, personal capability, a healthy body image, and more.

The Battle for Life

In December 2015, a terrorist stabbed Moshe, severely injuring him while he was at a playground with his wife and son. His wife tried to fight off the terrorist and was stabbed too. The couple now suffers from physical scars and severe post-traumatic stress and so does their son, who witnessed the whole ordeal.

As a result, both parents’ earning abilities were significantly compromised, which has forced them into serious debt. The family needs medical care, and their home is severely run down and lacks a kitchen. Our hearts went out to them, and we’re doing everything in our power to support them monthly. Thanks to our donors, we were able to raise $7,200 so the family of six will have a sink, a faucet, and a kitchen in their apartment.

Relief from Pain

Five years ago, Michal’s* family was driving to celebrate Passover when a terrorist began shooting at their car. Michal’s father was shot in the head and died instantly, and the entire family was injured, including Michal, who was only 10 years old at the time. After the attack, Michal sank into deep sadness and refused to speak about the loss of her father.

Her mother managed to recover and rebuild her family, giving the children hope and love despite the severe injuries she suffered herself. Recently she shared with us that a change had taken place in Michal’s life when she attended a therapeutic summer camp in Canada last year. “Suddenly I got my daughter back. For the first time in years, she talks to me, opens up, laughs, and is happy.” Being in a supportive environment helped Michal talk about the painful experience for the first time. Michal was invited to go to the camp again this summer, but her mother said, “I can’t afford to send her abroad again. It is my prayer that I can get her back there just so she can be relieved of her pain.”

We were privileged to provide half the cost ($1,480) of Michal’s summer camp and bring comfort to the family.

* Name has been changed

Emergency Care for Children at Risk

In Israel, there is a variety of frameworks for children who have been removed from their homes due to inadequate parental function. These frameworks give these at-risk children all their emotional, therapeutic and physical needs. Occasionally, a child gets hurt and needs to be treated on the spot without going to the hospital.

For those times, VFI has donated first aid kits to enable carers to treat less serious injuries.

Paving the Way for a Better Future

VFI responded to a request by a special home where youth at risk go after school for a hot meal and a place to do their homework. Six computers were provided for them this month.

Friends in Need

One of our volunteers has decided to stay in Israel and serve as a lone soldier in a combat unit. Our hearts were overjoyed when we learned that he is fulfilling his service and how he is reaching out to friends who are going through financial distress. VFI provides these lone soldiers’ personal supplies and financial aid to help them with their wellbeing.

The Prayer of an Orphan

When Aaron was asked to write his prayers down, he wrote, “Oh, God, bring my father back home.” His mother’s prayer was simply that she would be able to make ends meet and take care of her six children under the age of 12.
Our partners who heard about the terror attack donated specifically to assist this family. VFI added to the amount and sent a donation to help them in their distress. Aaron’s mother was delighted to receive this answer to her prayer. We thank those who donated to bless hurting families like Aaron’s.

Gifts for the Summer

We have started our 2019 school backpack distribution with a delivery to children in Ashkelon. School packs were also given as part of a community project for low-income families who can’t afford to hold Bar Mitzvah celebrations for their sons. As part of the project, the boys participate in a social workshop, where they learn about adolescence and friendship. Thousands of school bags with supplies will be distributed this month.

Called by God

There are those who choose to come to volunteer. We are so grateful for all of them, and we say thank you very much.


Your ongoing donation of $25 or more per month will help us meet needs and answer the requests we receive every day.

Together we can achieve more!

Thank you,

Barry & Batya



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