Supporting a Terror Victim’s Family

Jul 10, 2019

In January 2018, Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered by terrorists. He was on his way to his home in Havat Gilad when terrorists spotted him and started shooting. He was severely injured and hurried to call his wife Ya’el to tell her that he was shot and that he loved her. Rabbi Raziel, who actively helped people throughout his entire life, died from his wounds, leaving his six children fatherless.

His family’s life was turned upside down. Since the tragic event, they’ve suffered from financial distress. When one son was asked to write his prayer, he wrote: “Lord, bring my father back home.” What will Ya’el pray for? How can she make ends meet when she has to take care of her children, the oldest of whom isn’t even 12 years old yet? 

After hearing about Rabbi Raziel’s death on the news in Israel, some of our partners sent a generous financial donation. By the hand of God, Vision for Israel managed to connect with the family, and Ya’el was so delighted to receive the loving offering presented to her. We thank our friends for their sensitivity and generosity, and for the financial gifts sent to bless hurting families like Ya’el’s. Your outreach efforts are always carried out with love and dignity.

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