Healing Through Summer Camp

Jul 3, 2019

Our co-founder Batya Segal met Hadas at a recent event, and learned that five years ago, the father of her children was murdered in a terror attack. Tragically, the whole family was present during the attack and all suffered injuries, including her 10-year-old daughter Michal*, who was injured trying to protect her younger siblings from the massive shooting. After the attack, Michal sank into a deep sadness and stopped talking altogether. The children were traumatized and have been through a long process of healing.

Despite the tragedy and its effects on her young soul, Michal grew up to be an exemplary young lady. She excels in school, is active in youth organizations, and regularly volunteers with special needs children. But the one thing that she has refused to do is get therapy for the traumatic event she experienced as a girl.

Last year, Michal went to a youth camp in Canada as part of a Bat Mitzvah program. Far away from Israel, she allowed herself to open up and talk about her painful experience for the first time in the supportive environment of youth who had been through similar experiences. “Suddenly, I got my daughter back,” Hadas said. “She talks to me, opens up, laughs, and is happy for the first time in years.”

Because of the positive effect the camp had on Michal, she was invited to participate again this summer. However, the cost of the camp is over $2500 and the family cannot afford the expense on their own. Hadas turned to VFI for help, and we were overjoyed to sponsor half of the cost. Thanks to you, our dear donors, Michal will be able to enjoy another healing experience this summer! We are so grateful for your dedicated partnership.


*Name has been changed

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