USA Blames Iran For Attack On Oil Tankers

Jun 16, 2019

“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deut 31:6

USA BLAMES IRAN FOR ATTACK ON OIL TANKERS: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thur. 13 June 2019 blamed Iran for a "blatant assault" on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz and said the USA would defend itself and its allies against Iranian aggression in the region. A coordinated attack damaged the hull of a Japanese-owned tanker and struck a Norwegian-owned vessel, which caught fire. The incidents were similar to acts of sabotage against tankers near the UAE port of Fujairah last month.  Pompeo said that the USA assessment of Iranian involvement is based on intelligence, the type of weapons used and the level of expertise needed to carry out the attack. He added that no Iranian-backed terrorist group in the region has the resources or proficiency to pull off such a sophisticated operation.  Senior USA officials showed photographs of one damaged tanker with what the Navy identified as a magnetic mine attached to its hull. The unexploded weapon was probably applied by hand from an Iranian fast boat, one official said and is thought to be the same kind of weapon used to blow a hole elsewhere in the same tanker. The USA Central Command released a video showing an Iranian IRGC patrol boat approaching the tanker. The patrol boat was observed and recorded removing the unexploded limpet mine. (Washington Post)

CONGRESS WANTS TO PROTECT USA FORCES USING ISRAELI DEFENSE SYSTEMS: The House of Representatives introduced a bill last week that would have the Army purchase two Iron Dome missile defense batteries from Israel. The measure has bipartisan support. The USA Israel Indirect Fire Protection Act of 2019 was sponsored by Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Jewish New Jersey Democrat, and co-sponsored by Joe Wilson, a South Carolina Republican. “Iron Dome is a proven defense system that will provide increased protection for our troops in the field,” Sherrill said in a statement. “Access to this technology addresses critical gaps in our current capabilities.” Since it was deployed in 2011, Iron Dome has intercepted over 2,000 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza. (Arutz-7)

THOUSANDS OF ARABS RIOT ALONG GAZA BORDER: Some 6,500 Palestinian Arabs demonstrated on Friday 14 June 2019 near the Gaza border fence and confronted IDF soldiers. According to the Hamas-run “health ministry” in Gaza, 49 Arabs were injured by IDF gunfire during the riots. Meanwhile, on the same day, several fires broke out as a result of incendiary balloons fired from Gaza toward southern Israel. The incidents come in the wake of the rocket fire from Gaza toward Sderot the previous evening and the subsequent IDF air strike on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Following the tension in the Gaza envelope, the IDF will reinforce the Iron Dome system in the south. (Arutz-7) Intercede for the ongoing protection of Israel’s southern borders and for solutions to stop the incendiary balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip that have destroyed thousands of acres of Israel’s agricultural fields and forests.

HELP VFI TO PREPARE FOR EMERGENCY CRISIS SITUATIONS: Israel’s increasing military threats from Iran and Iranian-backed terrorist groups on both the southern and northern borders could at any moment develop into war.  VFI, as well as the entire nation, must be equipped for this possible crisis with emergency measures and supplies.  Please help us to prepare with a financial gift at Your donations are vital and appreciated.

IDF NORTHERN COMMANDER: ‘LEBANON WILL PAY HEAVY PRICE IN THE NEXT CAMPAIGN’: IDF Northern Commander Major General Amir Baram has responded to threats made recently by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. "We saw Nasrallah's fury and shrieking in his recent speech," Baram said at a ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War. "Hezbollah's loyalty was and remains to the supreme leader in Iran, not to the citizens of Lebanon," Baram said. "As a direct result, the Lebanese state is liable to pay a heavy price for its cooperation with Shiite terror in the next campaign."  Baram added, "Hezbollah continues to consolidate power in southern Lebanon, contrary to a UN resolution, and is building an infrastructure of terror and rockets in the villages right here opposite, and intends to try to threaten us with offensive forces as well. Hezbollah must understand - we will not allow it to realize its plans and destructive ambitions and those of its patrons in Iran. We will continue to act to thwart his efforts to threaten our security covertly and overtly as required, and if war is imposed upon us, we will exact a heavy price from this organization and those who give it backing, wherever necessary." (INN)

JEWXIT: COULD 300,000 JEWS FLEE THE UK? “My kids are the only Jewish kids in their school and I fear for them more than myself. My husband and I are keeping a very close eye on the political situation and we are prepared to move to another country should it become necessary.” These are not the words of a 1930’s European Jew, but the present day sentiments of a London suburb mother. She is not alone.  A 2018 Jewish Chronicle survey has revealed that 1 in 3 British Jews have considered leaving the UK due to rising anti-Semitism, whilst the ominous term ‘Jewxit’ has recently sprouted, referring to a doomsday scenario where the entire 300,000-strong Jewish community flees the UK following a Corbyn win. Jerusalem-based media sources have heard from British Jews whose concerns over Corbyn’s headline-grabbing anti-Semitism are so grave, that they have considered emigrating should the party leader come to power as prime minister. The anxiety level within Jewish circles is such that several months back, former chairman of the Conservative party Andrew Feldman had penned a sternly worded letter to Jeremy Corbyn saying, “I want you to know that many Jewish people in the United Kingdom are seriously contemplating their future here in the event of you becoming prime minister. This is because they can see that Labour, a party with a proud tradition of tolerance and inclusiveness, is now a hotbed of feelings against Israel and therefore the Jewish people. Quietly, discreetly and extremely reluctantly they are making their contingency plans, and this would be a tragedy.”

This sentiment is echoed by Jonathan for whom the choice is clear.  “I have been worrying over Corbyn’s anti-Semitism for quite some time. Even with two children currently at school, my wife and I are confident that should Corbyn win, we are selling the house and moving to Israel.” Jonathan’s angst is two-fold: "There is the financial aspect of course,” he explained, “as we expect the economy to decline under Corbyn, and for our house to instantly lose a tenth of its value. That is just us, so I dread to imagine the impact on the UK economy if all 300,000 Jews left. This is not as far fetched a scenario as some might think. Thousands of French Jews have uprooted themselves over the past few years due to anti-Semitism, and settled in Israel,” he explained, “so I can certainly see a wave of UK Jews fleeing the country in response to a Corbyn win. Such an exit would cause great damage to the UK’s economy. We are talking billions of Pounds worth as people sell their property and take their money elsewhere. Add to that the brain drain effect and you get a sense of the huge potential loss.” (J. Post) Please continue to intercede for Britain’s Labor Party to be further confronted regarding its blatant anti-Semitism and thoroughly cleansed of this and its anti-Israel bias.  Pray that Labor Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn will not become Britain’s next prime minister.

MOLDOVA’S FILIP GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES TRANSFER OF EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM: The Moldovan Filip Government last week approved the transfer of the Moldovan embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision that approves the agreement on the sale of the land for the construction of the headquarters of the USA Embassy in Moldova. “We are in a situation in which we have to approve these decisions in an urgent manner, given the political instability and uncertainty in the country, as one of the political parties has been always blocking these two important decisions while trying to take over the power illegally”, mentioned PM Pavel Filip. Both decisions have been assumed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which ensured that these are not blocked for a long term due to the political crisis in the country. Two rival Moldovan governments days ago held simultaneous cabinet meetings and accused each other of trying to usurp power, deepening a crisis brought on by an inconclusive parliamentary election in Feb. 2019. The leaders of the pro-European Union ACUM bloc and the Russian-backed Socialist Party subsequently agreed to form a government aimed at fighting corruption and keeping a party run by tycoon Vladimir Plahotniuc. But Plahotniuc's Democratic Party refused to recognize the new government and insisted that Pavel Filip, the prime minister who led the government until the election, was still in charge. The crisis threatens more instability in one of Europe's smallest and poorest countries, where the West and Russia vie for influence. (J. Post)

NATIONAL LIBRARY ANNUAL BOOK REPORT: 35% RISE IN ISRAELI BOOK PUBLICATION:  According to the National Library of Israel's Annual Book Report. 8,571 books were published in 2018, about 2,000 more than were published in 2008 (when 6,326 books were published) and 879 more books than in 2017.  The report also showed that double the number of books relating to children with disabilities and special needs were published compared to the last decade. A steady rise was recorded in the number of reference books published in 2018, including cookbooks, hiking guides and fitness guides. Over 400 biographies were published in 2018, of which 48 books were about Holocaust survivors and were written by second or third generation family members. This is about 20% more biographies than were published in 2017 when 320 biographies were published. 22 languages were present in Israeli publications in 2018. The majority of translated books published in Israel were originally published in English, followed by German (4.1%), French (4%), Arabic (1.1%) and Swedish (1%). The other 27.2% of translated publications represented 30 different languages, mostly European. 1,280 of the publications in 2018 were prose and poetry. (J. Post) “The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Prov. 18:15

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