Struggle for Life

May 28, 2019

Dear Friends,

Thousands of victims of terror are living among us. Israel has been under attack since the existence of our state. So much blood has been shed and so many souls have been crushed as a result of this. You can join us to impact the lives of these hurting families. Help us give them the emotional and financial support they deserve. 

One Saturday in November, the Yosef family has hardly finished eating their breakfast before six-year-old Noam was begging his parents to go to the playground.

When the family arrives, children of all ages are running around and having fun. The parents are talking, some standing and some sitting on the wooden benches in the park. Lior and Adina, Noam's parents, watch their son. He is full of smiles as he climbs up and down the playground equipment.  

A man of about 30 comes into the park and sits on a bench across from them, people-watching.  Adina goes to stand by the swings to be close to her son. No one seems to recognize the man on the bench.

An hour passes. Slowly, the playground starts to empty as people come and go.

Lior reads the newspaper, watching Noam and his wife from the bench, enjoying the day off from his work as a chef in the city centre.  The stranger takes advantage of Lior's distraction, pulls a knife from under his shirt and jumps on him.  He stabs Lior all over his body.


Struggle for Life

Adina runs to her husband's defence and struggles with the terrorist, trying to find rocks and branches to fight him with.  The terrorist pushes Adina away and continues to stab Lior, aiming at his stomach.  Lior fights him off with all his might, but he is injured, and the blood is spilling from him.  His stomach is open and bleeding.  Adina, her hand injured, is screaming with all her strength for help, but everyone runs away.  And little Noam sees his father lying injured and his mother crying out for help, trying to protect her husband with her hands.

Precious moments pass until a neighbour chases off the terrorist and rescue teams arrive.

Does this sound like a nightmare?  This is real life, and it happened just three years ago.  The terrorist was the embodiment of evil on a mission to spill innocent blood.  This is the harsh reality that Israelis face daily.


Emotional Wounds

A normal, healthy family goes to the playground.  They don't imagine they will face such terror.  They don't imagine what they will have to go through afterward, battling for their lives.  No one prepared them for the trauma of recovering from severe physical injuries, and no one gave them the tools to deal with their emotional wounds.

Vision for Israel was approached to help the Yosef family.  Lior is recovering but struggling every day for his life and to provide for his family, as he was forced to change jobs.  Adina is suffering from PTSD and is unable to leave home.  Every little noise startles her and the attack is still vivid.  The family is trying to get on their feet, but their apartment is in bad shape and they have found themselves in a very difficult financial situation.

We are joining the effort to help the family restore their apartment, but we can only do this with your help.  We are looking to raise $8,500 toward the cost of the restoration. Any amount that you can give will be greatly appreciated. 

This family is one of many Vision for Israel is assisting daily, weekly, monthly.  With your assistance, hundreds of families receive support, and emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  

Be a blessing to this family and many others.  Partner with us and help bring healing to their wounds.  

With much appreciation,

Barry & Batya with the Vision for Israel team 


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