German Anti-Semitism Official: 'Don't Wear Kippot In Public'

May 28, 2019

“Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me.  Fight against those who fight against me. Say to me, ‘I am your salvation.’”  Ps. 35:1, 3

GERMAN ANTI-SEMITISM OFFICIAL: ‘DON’T WEAR KIPPOT IN PUBLIC’: The German government's commissioner to combat anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, said on Sat. 25 May 2019 that the country's Jewish community should avoid wearing kippot in public because of rising anti-Semitism. Klein is the first federal government representative to declare that Jews cannot practice their religion in public spaces because of the danger in Germany. The German federal ministry of the interior said there was a 20% increase in anti-Semitic crimes in the country last year. (J. Post)

ISRAEL’S PRESIDENT DEFIES GERMAN RECOMMENDATION TO REMOVE KIPPOT: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin issued a defiant statement after Germany’s top official on fighting anti-Semitism suggested that Jewish men should limit the wearing of kippot in public. "We acknowledge and appreciate the moral position of the government of Germany and its commitment to the Jewish community that lives there, but fears about the security of German Jews are a capitulation to anti-Semitism and an admission that, again, Jews are not safe on German soil. We will never submit, will never lower our gaze, and will never react to anti-Semitism with defeatism - and we expect and demand our allies act in the same way." (Algemeiner)

PARIS: MURDERER OF SARAH HALIMI WILL AVOID CRIMINAL TRIAL: A leading French Jewish organization said last weekend that it had “learned with consternation” that the man accused of murdering Jewish pensioner Sarah Halimi in April 2017 will not face a criminal trial. The BNVCA, a Paris-based group that works with victims of ant-Semitic attacks said that the investigating magistrate in the Halimi case had concluded that the murderer, Kobili Traore, was heavily intoxicated on marijuana when he committed the killing, and mentally unfit to stand trial. Referring to the numerous political and legal obstacles encountered by the Halimi family in their fight for justice for over two years, the BNVCA said that it had “sensed from the beginning of the investigation that this crime would go unpunished.” Halimi, 65-years-old at the time of her death, was subjected to a frenzied beating and then hurled from a third-floor window in the early hours of 4 Apr. 2017, by Traore, a neighbor in the same public housing project in eastern Paris who broke into her apartment.

Terrified neighbors who alerted police after hearing her cries for help reported that Traore had shouted the words, “Allahu Akhbar,” during Halimi’s ordeal. Police investigations later revealed that Halimi had told relatives that she was scared of Traore, who insulted her visiting daughter as a “dirty Jewess” a few weeks before the murder. Traore’s lawyers, however, have insisted throughout that their client was too intoxicated from his ingestion of cannabis to be held responsible for his actions. The BNVCA pointed out the “paradox that a driver under the influence of alcohol has his sentence heavily aggravated, and a drug user is exonerated.” The group added that it was now “very pessimistic about the real possibilities of eradicating anti-Semitism when the culprits are neither tried nor sentenced.” It concluded: “We fear that this decision will encourage other so-called mentally ill people to commit other anti-Jewish crimes.” (Algemeiner) “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” Isa. 59:14

CORBYN TO FACE FORMAL PROBE INTO ANTI-JEWISH ALLEGATIONS: Jeremy Corbyn is expected to be told this week that he faces a formal investigation into the anti-Semitism crisis gripping his party. Sources say the move by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR) comes after it received “compelling” evidence of Labour’s failure to deal with anti-Jewish prejudice among its members. One close ally said: “This will be a real blow to Jeremy and it will go on for months and months. It’s the last thing we need.” The prospect of a full-scale inquiry has been hanging over Corbyn since March 2019, when the EHRC called on Labour to respond to its concerns. The party formally submitted a response to the watchdog last month. The EHRC was said to be “deeply unimpressed” by the submission in which the party apparently suggested the anti-Semitism problem was down to a “small number of individuals”. Sources claimed evidence submitted by the Jewish Labour Movement via its legal team proved “compelling” to the watchdog. JLM sources say its lawyers have since been supplied with a further raft of alleged anti-Semitic incidents. An EHRC investigation would be likely to result in Labour being handed an action plan to implement changes in their approach to handling complaints. An inquiry lasting up to a year would be a crushing setback to  Corbyn’s attempts to draw a line under the affair which has beset his leadership. (UK Mail Online)

OVER 1,000 FIRES EXTINGUISHED THROUGHOUT ISRAEL: The more than one thousand fires which led to the evacuation of thousands of people from their homes have been extinguished. The fires, aided by dry and hot weather conditions, burned from Thurs. 23 May 2019 until late Sat. 25 May 2019. Among the causes of the fires were faults in electrical cables, embers from Lag B’Omer bonfires, arson and incendiary balloons launched from Gaza at southern Israel. The fires burned down nearly 2,000 acres of forests, with the worst damage in the Ben Shemen Forest in central Israel. More than 1,000 firefighters battled the blazes throughout the country. (Arutz-7) Intercede for those who are homeless and reeling in aftermath of the massively destructive wildfires in Israel.  Pray for the provision and comforting of these families and individuals - and for the courage to rebuild their lives and homes. Continue to pray also for cooler temperatures in Israel and protection against arson attacks.

EGYPT SENDS MILITARY HELICOPTERS TO BATTLE WILDFIRES: More than 70 years after the last Spitfires of King Farouk’s Royal Egyptian Air Force were seen in the skies above Ashdod and 40 years since Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty, Egypt’s Air Force was back on Fri. 24 May 2019 for a different kind of fight with their former enemy. This time their mission was to assist in battling wildfires. They joined some 1,000 firefighters from the National Fire and Rescue Authority battling some 1,023 fires which were wreaking havoc across the country, from Judea & Samaria to Lake Kinneret in the north and around the Gaza border area. The fires caused authorities to evacuate close to 3,500 people and left dozens of families homeless after entire neighborhoods were engulfed by the flames. While 50 homes were destroyed, there were no casualties reported. Crews came from Greece, Croatia, Italy, and Cyprus to battle the flames. But it was the Egyptian helicopters, which were filmed flying side-by-side next to Israeli police helicopters, which grabbed the attention of many people. Israeli PM Netanyahu thanked “my friend the Egyptian president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, for sending two helicopters.”  The two Egyptian Air Force Mi-8s which were back in Israeli skies over the weekend marked the first time since the War of Independence that Israelis saw such a site: two former enemies helping each other battle large fires near Ashdod. (J. Post)

MOSSAD TEAM THAT INFILTRATED IRAN TO RECEIVE ISRAEL SECURITY PRIZE:  The Israel Security Prize will be awarded to the Mossad team that broke into the Iran nuclear archive and smuggled out secret documents. The documents, which were smuggled out of Iran in 2018, included 55,000 pages and 183 CDs. According to reports, they were taken out in one night. A committee headed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu made the decision to award the prize, citing the significant risk that was involved in the operation. The prizes are given to Israelis recognized for improving the state’s security and maintaining its power and qualitative advantage on the battlefield, technologically and operationally. In a nationally televised broadcast in 2018, Netanyahu described the hiding place of the documents. “This is where they kept the atomic archives. Now, from the outside, this was an innocent-looking compound. It looks like a dilapidated warehouse. But from the inside, it contained Iran’s secret atomic archives locked in massive files,” he said. “And here’s what we got; fifty-five thousand pages and another 55,000 files on 183 CDs.  Everything you’re about to see, is an exact copy of the original Iranian material,” he said, adding: “Where are the originals? Well, I can say they’re now in a very safe place.” (J. Post)

ISRAELI YOUTH SUFFER HIGH RATE OF SEXUAL ABUSE: Sexual abuse is far more prevalent among Israeli youth than drug addiction, according to the annual Elem report presented to President Reuven Rivlin on Sun. 26 May 2019. The report found that 25% of the young people with whom Elem is in contact use drugs, though not all are addicted. However, four out of five young people have been subjected to some form of sexual abuse. Founded in 1982, Elem has helped tens of thousands of adolescents and young adults whose lives are in turmoil. Elem activists, cruising in vans, often find youth at risk in the streets and talk to them on their own turf. Many have run away from violently dysfunctional families, with one in five reporting domestic abuse or abuse through social media. The majority of the victims of sexual abuse are young women and girls, some of whom have turned to prostitution to earn money for food and to temporarily have a roof over their heads. (J. Post) The above article is a deeply saddening report.  Intercede for the young people of Israel who suffer from the tragedy of sexual abuse, violence, and lack of care on the home front. Pray for hope, intervention, provision and the renewal of broken lives.

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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