Passover Aid to Those in Need

Apr 12, 2019

As soon as Purim ends, everyone in Israel starts preparing for Passover. People ask each other, "Where are you going to be at the Seder?" and "Are you hosting or being hosted?" Passover eve is a special night full of delicious food and precious family time.

Sadly, there are many families in Israel whose financial situation prevents them from purchasing the necessary food supplies for the Seder meal and the seven days of the holiday. Every year, thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, Vision for Israel is able to help hundreds of families by providing gift cards for purchasing holiday food, so they can celebrate with dignity. This year, our team has given gift cards to terror victims, Holocaust survivors, and needy families in our communities. The recipients have been thanking us for relieving much of their financial burden. They’re also very thankful to know that someone cares for them.

We have met many families dealing with extreme financial distress, which only gets worse when there are medical problems, children with special needs, or domestic violence. One of the recipients is a single mother of four children, who lives in a very small apartment. She has a son who suffers from Tourette syndrome and anxiety, preventing him from going outside the house and another son who suffers from severe allergies. The father is a criminal who’s frequently in and out of jail, has been violent toward the mother and refuses to give her a divorce. She is unemployed and the family lives in extreme poverty. We are grateful that we can help this family with their holiday expenses. This is just one story, but there are many more.

We received a beautiful letter from a man (one of the recipients of the Passover aid) who lives in Sderot and was injured 14 years ago in a rocket attack: "Thanks be to God that you stand by me in this difficult and exhausting time. I feel like you are always here, pushing for my success, giving me the power and will for fulfilment. There is no doubt that you are the engine that moves my heart to love life despite my many difficulties, along with much doing, wisdom and a rich spirit… Your investment and giving is priceless.”

You, our donors, are the reason we are able to do this work. Know that you enable us to give aid, provide relief, and lend a comforting hand. You drive us and give us the strength to continue our outreach.


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