The Gift of Education

Apr 10, 2019

A year ago, Vision for Israel donated supplies to furnish a "smart" classroom at a local high school where students from difficult backgrounds are at risk of dropping out of the school system. Our donation included 10 laptops, one PC, a projector, and a wireless network. Using laptops helps the students advance significantly, since knowledge of computers and technology is essential for success in the modern world. The students also use the equipment to express themselves creatively, exploring photography, editing, graphic design, and more.

Recently, the school sent us a thank-you letter along with samples of the young people’s artwork. The letter’s words moved us — "The ‘smart’ class you gave the youth provides them with an opportunity for self-development and academic growth day after day. It brought the use of computers into the pedagogical-emotional work routine... All the youth finish 12 years of school, some with a full diploma and some come back to complete it. Most of the graduates continue to a meaningful service in the IDF. The ‘smart’ class is a deep source of hope, because hope is the line connecting the past and the future through the present.”

When we support the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, we are certain that our donations will help them grow and progress personally, but also within society. Planting the seed of education begins a long-term process that will bear fruit in the years to come. 

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