Survivor Speech From Purim Party

Apr 2, 2019

After the Purim Party we hosted for Holocaust survivors at Jerusalem City Hall last week, we received a copy of the speech that one of the survivors, Meir Reichert, gave during the event.

"It is said, 'When the month of Adar begins, we increase our joy.’ Indeed, the heart is happy to meet and see many of the Holocaust survivors here, especially at this hall of the Jerusalem Municipality, the capital of Israel.

But we, the Cafe Europa community, are happy to come together with joyful hearts every Tuesday throughout the entire year. On a day that one of us doesn't come to the club for some reason, we feel their absence — a real absence, in the full sense of the word. And that is why we are so thankful for how much effort and thought is invested [by the organizers] to make our time at Cafe Europa pleasant. Thank you. On behalf of Cafe Europa and on behalf of everyone that is sitting here, we send blessings and success to everyone who takes part in this holy work, which benefits us. Well done, and be strong and of good courage. 

To ourselves, we wish handfuls of rest, health and longevity — may it be so.

I represent a generation of Holocaust survivors, individuals in their families. We arrived here on board immigrant ships in a devious path. We joined the lines of fighters, and many of them died in the battles to protect this land that had just been established, proud and happy that we got the privilege to take part in building this country. There is no part of this country, or in all parts of life, that we haven't left our mark. Therefore, which of us has ever dreamt that we would gather here full of deeds?

Enveloped in love, with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the next generation is healthy in its body and soul. May they keep and develop our tiny land for the following generations."

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