Helping Families in Jerusalem

Mar 19, 2019

We recently distributed financial aid for food purchases to needy families in West Jerusalem. We were excited to meet the recipients, and it was evident that the aid will be essential to them. Everyone shared their thanks, and some even shared their distressing life stories with us, including two single mothers who described long-lasting financial distress.

Ilana* is divorced and lives in a rented apartment with her two young children and her handicapped father, who she cares for. Her ex-husband does not pay child support, and on top of that, she has to carry the burden of debt from when they were married. Despite her efforts, Ilana is struggling to provide for her family on her own.

In her childhood, Dina* experienced some very difficult things, including the murder of her mother and her father leaving the country. She was raised in boarding schools and foster families with her sister. When she grew up, she met a man and they had a child together, but as they were about to marry, her young fiancé suddenly died. Later, she met another man and had three children with him before they eventually separated. She now lives with her children in a rented apartment. Dina doesn’t work, is in debt, and has to take expensive medication, making her financial situation especially difficult. 

As part of our mission to overcome poverty in our society, Vision for Israel will continue to support the most needy families in any way that we can.


(*name has been changed)

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