Hamas Attacks Tel Aviv With Rockets

Mar 16, 2019

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life. You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes; with your right hand you save me.” Ps. 138:7

JNN SPECIAL REPORT: HAMAS ATTACKS TEL AVIV WITH ROCKETS - A CALL FOR INTERCESSION:  Dear readers and intercessors, another vicious provocation against Israel, on the part of the Hamas terrorist group and its associates operating from the Gaza Strip took place on Thur. night, 14 March 2019. Two rockets launched from the Gaza Strip were fired at the heart of the country, Tel-Aviv, for the first time since the war with Hamas in 2014; a further determined attempt to engage Israel in another full-scale conflict.  We present you with the details and international feedback as it has unfolded until early Saturday 16 March 2019, and ask you to both pray and to pass the news on to prayer groups and friends who love Israel for focused intercession.  Israel’s government - to the criticism of many within the country - is doing its best to avoid another full-scale clash in the Gaza Strip. Ongoing weekly violent demonstrations at the Gaza Strip border; incendiary devices being launched at Israel’s southern communities and landing in areas close to schools and pre-schools, firebombs, rock throwing, shootings, stabbings and all manner of violent attacks are being carried out by Hamas and terrorists operating from the Gaza Strip and also in Judea & Samaria. Such provocation and brutality would never be allowed in any Western country with impunity! Now, a duel rocket attack on Israel’s second largest city, Tel Aviv ratchets up the risk of wide-spread national and regional danger. Intercessors, pray for the wisdom of Israel’s government, military and security leaders to determine strategies and necessary moves to defeat the ongoing terrorist violence. Intercede for IDF soldiers and military staff to be protected in areas of spiraling conflict. Pray also for the protection of Israel’s southern community members and their property.  May the God of Israel step into these ongoing vicious and brutal attacks and say, “ENOUGH”! “May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him.” Ps. 68:1

TWO ROCKETS FIRED AT TEL AVIV FROM GAZA FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2014 WAR: Rocket sirens were triggered Thur. evening 14 March 2019 in the Tel Aviv area in central Israel, as two rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired at the heart of the country for the first time since the war of 2014. The attack signals a possible dramatic escalation of violence by terror groups in the Strip just weeks before the Knesset elections. Residents of Israel’s second-largest city and the surrounding metropolis of Gush Dan rushed to bomb shelters and reported hearing explosions. The rockets both hit open areas and did not cause casualties. However, five people were treated for shock by paramedics. The Iron Dome missile defense system was launched to intercept the incoming rockets. Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai has ordered all bomb shelters in the city to be opened after the rockets were launched at Tel Aviv. (Times of Israel)

IDF HITS MORE THAN 100 HAMAS TARGETS IN GAZA AFTER ROCKETS FIRED AT TEL AVIV: IDF warplanes struck over 100 targets across Gaza in a night of strikes after two rockets were fired towards central Israel by Hamas. The strikes came after an urgent late-night consultation between PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense chiefs in Tel Aviv. “Decisions were taken,” an Israeli official said without elaborating. On Friday morning 15 March 2019, an IDF spokesman said that over 100 Hamas targets were hit in response to the fire on Tel Aviv; air strikes went on throughout the night.  The targets included the headquarters responsible for the planning and execution of terror attacks in Judea & Samaria, an underground complex that served as Hamas' main rocket-manufacturing site, and a military training site that served the group's drone program. Several underground infrastructures and military compounds were also struck, including naval sites. Palestinian media in Gaza said that Israeli naval vessels took part in the strikes. During the airstrikes, nine projectiles were launched at Israeli communities bordering Gaza, with six being intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, and another fell inside Gaza. While shrapnel was discovered outside a school in the city of Sderot, there were no reports of injuries or damage. (J.Post/ Times of Israel)

POLITICIANS WARN GAZA'S TERROR ORGANIZATIONS AFTER ROCKETS FIRED AT TEL AVIV: Politicians from Israel and abroad warned Gaza's terrorist organizations after two rockets were fired Thur. night at Tel Aviv.  USA President Donald Trump's special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, wrote on Twitter shortly after the event. "Hamas violently suppresses its own people demonstrating against Hamas’ rule & failures and NOW fires rockets at cities in Israel. OUTRAGEOUS! This is what prevents the world from helping the people of Gaza! We strongly support Israel in defense of its citizens. Always!"  Naftali Bennett, co-chairman of the New Right Party, told Israel’s Channel 12 that the time has come to "deal with" the terror organizations. Benny Gantz, chairman of the Blue and White Party and ex-IDF chief, said the rockets require a "serious" response. In a statement, he said the "time has come to deal with Hamas and eliminate its head," calling on PM Netanyahu to authorize the IDF to begin a program to "cut off Hamas."

“The rocket fired tonight is a severe event,” said Blue and White politician Moshe Ya'alon. “It joins a routine of terrorism which is unacceptable and directed mainly to Gaza border communities.”  He further said he trusts the IDF and those who lead it to know how to react and “collect a price for any sort of breach of sovereignty.” Cities across central Israel told residents they were in constant communication with security forces, including Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak, Givatayim, Petach Tikva and others. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, a member of the security cabinet, said that the "serious" incident will result in an "appropriate response." Eli Yishai, chairman of the Yachad Party, said in a statement that Netanyahu and the security cabinet must "wake up" to the danger at hand. Avigdor Liberman, chairman of the Yisrael Beytenu Party, called on Israel to "return to the policy of punishing those responsible." Oren Hazan, an ex-Likud member said that "it should not be that Israel" capitulates to "terror organizations," while the Union of Right-Wing Parties (URP) called on Israel to back up what is says about terror organizations with "actions" and "return security to the State of Israel." (J.Post)

BENNETT: TIME TO DEFEAT HAMAS ONCE AND FOR ALL:  New Right Chairman Naftali Bennett responded to the rocket attack on Tel Aviv Thur. evening 14 March 2019. "No matter who is behind the shooting tonight, Hamas bears responsibility," Bennett said. "In the past year, I have been saying clearly: Those who allow the launching of incendiary kites will receive missiles. And anyone who does not stop missiles on Sderot will receive missiles on Tel Aviv. The time has come to defeat Hamas once and for all. No more shooting at dunes without harming the enemy, but an uncompromising pursuit and systematic liquidation of Hamas leaders. "I call upon the prime minister to order the IDF to present the cabinet with a plan to defeat Hamas," he said. (INN)

DANON: UN MUST RECOGNIZE HAMAS AS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION: Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Danny Danon on Friday 15 March 2019 demanded the UN condemn Gaza's rocket attacks on Israel and recognize Hamas as a terror organization. "From within a civilian population which serves as a human shield, Hamas is firing at Israeli civilians and therefore committing a double war crime," Danon said. "Israel will take any action necessary in order to protect its citizens and ensure its security. A terror organization which attempts to harm Israeli citizens will need to encounter uncompromising strength, which will not rest." Danon emphasized, "Any other country in the world would not hesitate to act for the sake of its citizens’ security, and therefore there is no reason to hold a double standard when it comes to Israel." (Arutz-7)

POMPEO: ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS: USA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday 15 March 2019 expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself after the rocket fire on Tel Aviv. “Once again, Israeli citizens are under attack from terrorists in Gaza, armed and financed by their puppet masters in Tehran,” he tweeted. “We stand by our ally. Israel has the right to protect its citizens,” added Pompeo. USA Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) likewise condemned the rocket fire from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip toward Gush Dan. “The Iran-backed terror group Hamas is responsible for the unceasing attacks on Israeli civilians launched from the Gaza Strip, which the group rules and controls,” Cruz said in a statement. “Our Israeli allies have an absolute right to self-defense, and the United States should do whatever possible to bolster that defense. Many of the rocket and missile attacks on Israel are double war crimes, launched at Israeli civilians from behind Palestinian civilians.”  Jason Greenblatt, the USA Special Representative for International Negotiations, condemned the attack as well. “Hamas violently suppresses its own people demonstrating against Hamas’ rule and failures and NOW fires rockets at cities in Israel. OUTRAGEOUS!  Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza continue to fail their people day after day & drag Gaza further & further down by constantly choosing violence. This method will never work. Ever! It will just continue to cause more suffering,” added Greenblatt. (Arutz-7)

PRO-HEZBOLLAH AND IRAN MEDIA CELEBRATE ROCKETS OVER TEL AVIV: Pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iran regime media and social media accounts lit up on Thur. night, 14 March 2019 after two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza.  Lebanon’s satellite TV station Al-Mayadeen, which is supportive of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah, wrote a story within minutes of the reports of Iron Dome being activated. Relying on Israel’s Channel 12, the article noted that booms were heard in central Israel and that bomb shelters were to be opened. Similarly, the Tasnim News Agency in Iran wrote an article noting that Iron Dome had intercepted the rockets. Shehab News, which is supportive of Hamas, posted a video and news on the rocket fire. Hezbollah’s Al-Manar also reported the rocket fire. Hossein Dalirian, director of defense coverage for Tansim News, tweeted that two Fajr-5 rockets were fired at Tel Aviv. He specified the Fajr-5 was developed by Iran and supplied to Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Palestinian media, relying on Israeli reports, pointed to Islamic Jihad as a culprit. With the Israeli elections approaching, there are concerns about Iranian meddling. Islamic Jihad is close to Iran and fired rockets last year at Israel during tensions. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Thur. 14 March, 2019 that Iran must “mobilize all its resources” against external enemies: “the USA and the Zionists.” (J.Post)

3,000 ROCK ATTACKS IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA IN ONE YEAR: The Lavi civil rights organization revealed on Thur. evening 14 March 2019 data regarding rock and firebomb-throwing attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2018. According to the data, in 2018, there were 2,847 rock-throwing incidents and 338 firebomb-throwing incidents in Judea and Samaria. These numbers only reflect incidents that were reported to the police and for which cases were opened. According to the police's response, despite the alarming data and the huge scope of the phenomenon, the Israel Police does not have a procedure for gathering evidence from the scene of the attacks, nor is there a procedure for obtaining forensic identification for the terrorist attacks, which significantly reduces the interpretation of events and arrests of suspects. "We were amazed to discover that the Israel Police has no procedure for collecting forensic findings from rock-throwing and firebomb-throwing incidents on the roads of Judea and Samaria," said the Lavi organization. "This is a widespread and murderous phenomenon that harms Jews traveling on the roads of Judea and Samaria on a daily basis. The police are expected to use their capabilities and collect forensic findings from the crime scenes in order to enable the perpetrators to be brought to justice," the organization added. (Arutz-7)

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