Lights In Tel Aviv Sidewalk To Protect 'Smartphone Zombies'

Mar 14, 2019

“Remember me, Lord, when you show favor to your people, come to my aid when you save them, that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones, that I may share in the joy of your nation and join your inheritance in giving praise,” Ps. 106: 4-5

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LIGHTS IN TEL AVIV SIDEWALK TO PROTECT ‘SMARTPHONE ZOMBIES’: According to a USA Governors Highway Safety Association published last year, one of the key factors behind the record increase in pedestrian casualties across the country was "the dramatic growth in smartphone use." Seeking to avoid such casualties, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality joined this week a growing list of cities around the world installing LED ground-level lights at pedestrian crossings, designed to warn texting pedestrians that they are about to cross the road. The new lights, part of a municipality trial, are connected to traffic lights on the city's major Ibn Gvirol Road, opposite the municipality building. The LED floor lighting changes color at the same time as regular eye-level lights. Similar lights have already been installed in a number of European cities, as well as in Singapore and Australia. In Germany, the word "smombie," a fusion of "smartphone" and "zombie" was chosen as the country's official "Youth Word" in 2015. (J.Post)

NVIDIA BUYS ISRAELI’S MELLANOX FOR 6.8 BILLION: USA chipmaker Nvidia Corp. said on Mon.11 March 2019 that it will buy Israeli chip designer Mellanox Technologies Ltd. for $6.8 billion. Mellanox, based in Israel and the USA makes chips and other hardware for data center servers that power cloud computing. (Reuters)

HAMAS READYING FOR ISRAELI ATTACK: The Arab Al-Hadaf news site this week reported that a senior Hamas source exposed the terror organization's intensified activities. These proceedings, the source said, are intended to foil an "extensive Israeli operation" in Gaza, expected to take place before the 9 April 2019 Israeli elections. The site quoted a Hamas official as saying that despite Egypt's efforts to broker peace, Hamas is preparing for an escalation with Israel, and Israel has intensified its activities in Gaza. Hamas leaders have also changed the guidelines for the military wing in an attempt to prevent agents from operating within Gaza. The new guidelines demand terror activists avoid receiving any type of gifts from those who they do not know, avoid walking or driving alone at night and completely avoid smartphones which have not been inspected. "Israel is liable to use something happening in the field, such as the firing of a rocket, in order to begin an unprecedented aerial attack on opposition sites and leaders around Gaza," the source said. The report also disclosed that several people were arrested on suspicion of being Israeli agents and that the terror organizations have been concerned that a network of locals has aided the IDF in infiltrating Gaza. (Arutz-7)

CONFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF BDS TO BE HELD IN RAMALLAH: The national and Islamic forces, the supreme coordinating body of the Palestinian Arab organizations, this week called for continued support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel in view of the “impressive successes” achieved by the boycott movement. In a statement issued in Ramallah, the national and Islamic forces called for broad participation in a national conference in support of BDS which will be held at the Palestinian Red Cross headquarters in Ramallah on 16 March 2019. The conference, according to the statement, aims to formulate a comprehensive national strategy for BDS and emphasize the importance of bringing the “occupation” to justice. According to the statement, the fight to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque will continue, including the struggle over the Golden Gate. (Arutz-7) The Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) movement seeks to cut economic ties with Israel, Since its beginnings over a decade ago, BDS has never been invoked against any other country. Common sense and decency asks how any movement can single-out the only democracy in the region while ignoring the brutal treatment of women and minorities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan.  Almost everything the Nazis said about the Jews is said today by BDS supporters regarding Israel. There is a worldwide struggle against the very existence of one country of all countries in the world. Not North Korea. Not Iran. Not Sudan. Only Israel.  Intercede against the BDS movement that seeks to further hatred against the Jewish state and to undermine Israel’s economy.

NETANYAHU RESPONDS TO ERDOGAN’S CRITICISM: 'WHAT A JOKE': In a post on Twitter, PM Benyamin Netanyahu responded to Turkish President Erdogan's comments that Israel being a Jewish state "is blatant racism". "Turkey’s dictator Erdogan attacks Israel’s democracy while Turkish journalists and judges fill his prisons. "What a joke!" Netanyahu wrote. "In Israel, no one is a second-class citizen. Israel is a democracy in which all Israelis, including our nearly 2 million Arab citizens, enjoy equal individual rights." He added, "But Israel is also the one and only Jewish state, with a Star of David on our flag, Hatikvah our national anthem, Hebrew our official language and where a Law of Return gives every Jew around the world the right to return to our ancestral homeland," Netanyahu finished. (INN)

MAP OF PALESTINE DISPLACING ISRAEL SHOWN AT ATLANTA SCHOOL’S MULTICULTURAL NIGHT: A map that shows Palestine in place of present-day Israel was displayed during a multicultural night at a suburban Atlanta middle school. The map was placed on a table dedicated to Palestinian culture at the annual event at the Autrey Mill Middle School in Alpharetta. There was no contextual information displayed with the map, which did not mention Israel. “I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with the individuals who presented an insensitive political and geographic representation,” the school’s principal, Trey Martin, wrote in a letter to parents. “This display does not represent our school culture, which is one that values inclusion and unity,” Martin noted that more than 500 people and 15 countries were represented at the event last week. “We condemn this attempt to use our Multicultural Night for one’s own political or religious agenda,” he wrote. The middle school is located near several synagogues and a community Chabad building. Fulton County Schools said an investigation is taking place. (J.Post) Children in USA schools should be taught the internationally accepted conditions for statehood. These include unified territory, capability of responsible governance and readiness to abide by international obligations. With Gaza controlled by Hamas/Iran, and Judea and Samaria by Fatah that continues to promote and glorify terrorism – and with the Gaza-based terror groups indiscriminately lobbing rockets into Israel's towns and conducting ongoing violent demonstrations against the Jewish state, the Palestinians have a long way to go until they fulfill these requirements.

ANTI-SEMITIC INCIDENTS ON THE RISE IN THE NETHERLANDS: The Netherlands in 2018 saw a major increase in recorded anti-Semitic incidents, which totaled a record 230 cases. Of that tally, the Center for Information and Documentation, which is Dutch Jewry’s watchdog group, recorded last year 135 real-life incidents that did not occur online, the group said in its annual report published this week. That number represents a 19% increase over the 113 real-life incidents reported in 2017. Incidents that occurred in the victim’s direct environment increased from 24 in 2017 to 40 last year. In one incident in June 2018, a teenager was violently removed from a nightclub in Vlaardingen by security after inspecting his identity card, carrying a distinctly Jewish name. In another, a man waiting for the metro in February 2018 was approached by another man who told him: “God will kill you.” (Arutz-7) Pray that the Lord will increase the volume of His call to the multitude of Jews living abroad to return to their homeland; Israel. Intercede that many will hear and respond and launch out in faith as did Abraham.

MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR HOLOCAUST MUSEUM OPENS IN MACEDONIA: The capital of this Balkan nation of 2 million people saw the dedication of a multi-million-dollar Holocaust museum that has been called one of the finest institutions of its kind. Macedonia, the landlocked country north of Greece, had a Jewish population of about 8,000 before the Holocaust, “and more than 98% of them were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators,” said Michael Berenbaum, a former director of the United States Holocaust Museum’s research institute. That’s part of the reason that an institution of the magnitude of the new museum, which according to Macedonian media cost $23 million to build, is “appropriate” in Skopje, he said. The museum, a three-story building located in the Macedonian capital’s museum quarter, includes unique displays such as hundreds of suitcases dangling from the ceiling, a transport wagon similar to ones used to transport the Macedonian Jews to be murdered, and a tank engine of the kind used to produce deadly gas for the gas chamber of Treblinka, where Macedonian Jews were killed. The funding came from restitution money paid by the government to the local Jewish community, which is now comprised of about 200 members. (INN)

ISRAEL’S NETAFIRM TO CONNECT 60,000 INDIAN FARMERS TO IRRIGATION TECHNOLOGY: Israeli irrigation technology developer Netafim has been selected to construct four large community irrigation projects in India, connecting almost 60,000 farmers in over 100 towns to advanced agricultural technology. The project, worth over $100 million, will improve infrastructure in the southern Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. (J. Post)

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