Israel 10th Healthiest Country In The World

Feb 26, 2019

“’All the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Mal. 3:12

ISRAEL 10TH HEALTHIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD: Israel was ranked the tenth-healthiest country in the world, according to an assessment published by Bloomberg on Sunday, 24 Feb. 2019. Spain topped the 2019 list, jumping five places from its place in the previous report. The index ranks 169 countries “according to factors that contribute to overall health,” Bloomberg said. “The index grades nations based on variables including life expectancy, while imposing penalties on risks such as tobacco use and obesity. It also takes into consideration environmental factors including access to clean water and sanitation.” Following Spain, the next top healthiest countries were Italy, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Norway, and then Israel. The USA ranked 35th on the list, far further down than Canada, which placed 16th. “Life expectancy in the USA has been trending lower due to deaths from drug overdoses and suicides,” the report noted. Citing an Oct. 2018 study from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Bloomberg said Spain is expected to have the highest lifespan in the world by 2040: 86 years. That study predicted Israelis will have a lifespan 84.4 years in 2040. (Times of Israel)

‘THIS WAS AN ISRAELI WIN’: Director Guy Nattiv won an Oscar Sunday night 24 Feb. 2019 for best live action short film, 'Skin'. In an interview with Army Radio on Monday, he said, “This is completely an Israeli win”. “All the brains behind ‘Skin’ are Israelis, and my entire work stems from where I grew up,” Nattiv explained. “In Hollywood, someone called out to me ‘dirty Jew, go back to the crematoria’, Nattiv said in an interview. “This is a worrying phenomenon not only for Jews. That is the message of the film.” The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, issued a statement the morning following the award. “Congratulations to Guy Nattiv on winning Best Live Action Short at last night’s Academy Awards. Dear Guy, all credit for 'SKIN' goes to you, Sharon and Jaime Ray, but the movie is a gift to our children and grandchildren and for the future, we wish for them. Mazal Tov!” The film deals with hate crime and its implications from the perspective of two children, one white, the other black. Nattiv wrote the script with Sharon Maimon and produced it with his wife, Jamie Ray Newman, who went on stage alongside him to receive the Oscar. Nattiv started his speech saying, “Good evening Israel” and added, “My grandparents are Holocaust survivors, and the racism they experienced in the Holocaust is everywhere in America, in Europe. This film is about education, it’s about teaching your kids a better way.” (Arutz-7)

ISRAEL’S MOONSHOT COMPLETES FIRST MANEUVER: Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. on Mon. 25 Feb. 2019 announced that the Beresheet spacecraft launched towards the moon last week had successfully performed its first maneuver. IAI and SpaceIL said that the maneuver was carried out according to constraints detected by the star trackers used to navigate the spacecraft on its way to the moon, shortly after launching. In the course of the maneuver, the spaceship's main engine was operated for the first time and IAI said that the operation was a success. The 30-second maneuver took place almost 70,000 kilometers from the earth. Beresheet was launched Thur. night 21 Feb. 2019 with the Falcon 9 missile made by billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX. The spacecraft, which was launched from Cape Canaveral, is scheduled to reach the moon on 11 April 2019. Once it lands on the moon, the spacecraft carrying the Israeli flag will begin taking photographs of the landing site and a selfie to prove that it has indeed landed on the moon. The spacecraft also has a scientific mission: to measure the moon's magnetic field as part of an experiment carried out in collaboration with the Weizmann Institute. The spacecraft carries a "time capsule" - a huge database of hundreds of digital files ranging from details about the spacecraft and the crew of the project, national symbols, cultural items and materials collected from the general public over the years to be placed on the moon by the spacecraft. The time capsule will remain on the moon to be found by future generations. (Globes)

TEL AVIV MARATHON: RUNNING DOWN A DREAM: A record number of participants - more than 40,000 runners - took part in the 2019 11th annual Tel Aviv-Jaffa Marathon on Friday 22 Feb 2019. Runners of every age from all over Israel and beyond participated in the five races -  a full marathon (42.195 km), a half marathon (21 km), a 10km race, a 5km race and a hand-bike race for the handicapped - held in exceptionally pleasant weather and vibrant atmosphere. The men's full-marathon winner was Demi Samuel Gatcho of Ethiopia, who finished the course in a time of 2:14:30 hours. The women's winner, Margaret Negui of Kenya, finished the full marathon with a score of 2:40:25. A women's track record was set for 10 km: 31:53 minutes, by Salmavit Biolin from Tel Aviv. Israeli-American Orthodox mother of five Beatie Deutsch finished the half marathon with an impressive time of 1:17:25.  Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai congratulated the winners and awarded them the prizes, and the festivities concluded with a huge celebration in the Ganei Yehoshua parking lot. (J.Post)

NEWLY APPOINTED CHIEF OF STAFF ORDERS MAJOR SURPRISE TRAINING EXERCISE FOR ISRAELI MILITARY: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began a major surprise training exercise on Sunday, 24 Feb. 2019 across Israel, just one month after a new chief of staff was appointed. The exercise involved several branches of the military, with infantry, armor, artillery, and air force units all participating. The exercise is intended to demonstrate the IDF’s readiness both to the domestic population and neighboring countries. It will emphasize a possible conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The exercise comes after Gen. Aviv Kochavi was sworn in as the new IDF chief of staff on 15 Jan. 2019.  Among other exercises, the IDF will evaluate its ability to maneuver units quickly between the Jewish state’s southern and northern borders, an indication that the army is taking seriously the possibility of a two-front war against terror organizations Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south. (Algemeiner) Continue to pray for the safety of Israel’s southern and northern borders and of the Jewish residents living there.  Pray also for the protection of IDF soldiers stationed at these troubled spots. They are often called upon to ward off attacks from terrorist groups and rioters.

UK ANNOUNCES BAN ON HEZBOLLAH TERROR GROUP’S POLITICAL WING: The British government Mon. 25 Feb. 2019 formally announced that it intends to ban the political wing of the Hezbollah terror organization. The British government said it would bring a proposal before Parliament to ban Hezbollah and two other radical Islamic organizations as terrorist groups. “A draft order, laid in Parliament today, will proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety alongside Ansaroul Islam and JNIM who operate in the Sahel region in Africa. The government has taken the decision to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety on the basis that it is no longer tenable to distinguish between the military and political wings of Hezbollah.” The ban, if adopted as is expected, will criminalize membership in Hezbollah. Members or supporters of the terror group will be liable to 10 years in prison if convicted. Britain had hitherto distinguished between the military and political wings of Hezbollah, banning the military wing while permitting the political wing to remain a legal organization in the UK. Home Secretary Sajid Javid said that Hezbollah’s operations between the political and military wings were so intertwined, the UK could no longer differentiate between the two. “Hezbollah is continuing in its attempts to destabilize the fragile situation in the Middle East – and we are no longer able to distinguish between their already banned military wing and the political party. Because of this, I have taken the decision to proscribe the group in its entirety,” Javid said. (Arutz-7) Intercede that this proposed ban on the part of the UK to outlaw the political wing of the Lebanon-based terrorist group, Hezbollah, will be passed.  Hezbollah's terrorist activities are heavily supported by Iran.

VENEZUELA EX-SPY CHIEF REVEALS MADURO’S HEZBOLLAH, DRUGS: Former head of Venezuela’s intelligence services Hugo Carvajal revealed powerful ties between the administration of President Nicolás Maduro and the Hezbollah terrorist group, as well as widespread corruption and drug activity, the New York Times reported last week. The nefarious activities were directed by Maduro himself as well as Interior Minister Néstor Reverol and former vice-president Tareck El Aissami. Allegedly, those who were meant to combat drugs were engaged in trafficking them, Carvajal said. El Aissami was not only a drug kingpin, said Carvajal, but also had connections to Hezbollah, and attempted to arrange Hezbollah terrorists to work with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia through Venezuela.  In a meeting that took place in 2009, Hezbollah terrorists met El Aissami and Carvajal in Syria and gave the two Venezuelan state representatives three assault rifles as gifts. The meeting involved Venezuelan diplomat Ghazi Nasr al-Din, who was stationed in Syria at the time. Labeled “a Hezbollah supporter” by the department of Treasury, Nasr al-Din is wanted by the FBI. (J.Post)

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BIRDS SOARING OVER THE HULA VALLEY: Hundreds of thousands of birds were seen taking a break on their flight south at the Hula artificial lake in northern Israel on Mon. morning 25 Feb. 2019.  Northern Israel's Hula Valley is seeing some beautiful days, as hundreds of thousands of cranes & other birds are stopping by for a rest, on their way to warmer places. Visited by more than half a billion birds during the migrating season, the Hula Valley is a known stopping point for birds flying from Europe to Africa, on their way to warmer places. The valley was selected by BBC Wildlife as one of the 10 most important nature observation points on earth in 2009. Israel is usually visited by the common crane and the Demoiselle crane.  Israelis flock to the small lake during the migrating season to observe the graceful cranes on their tour of the world. (J.Post) “How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” Ps.104: 24

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