Aid for Needy Jerusalem Families

Feb 25, 2019

Recently, our team visited needy families in Jerusalem and listened as they shared their difficult life stories. Many of them suffer from health problems that limit their ability to function and make a living. Others are headed by single parents raising their children without help, and in some cases, the children have special needs, which adds to their financial burden.

One of the stories that touched our hearts was Mira's. She is a mother of nine children ranging in age from just a few months old to 13 years. The family made Aliyah from the U.S. a year and a half ago, and Mira and her husband have since separated. Their 7-year-old daughter is handicapped and two of the other girls have special needs. The family is in a very difficult financial situation since Mira doesn't work, and the father just started working at a supermarket.

As part of our continued efforts to support those struggling with poverty, we distributed money vouchers to the families we met. Mira thanked us over and over for the aid we provided, and expressed appreciation for the work Vision for Israel is doing to help the disadvantaged throughout our community.

We are moved every time we’re able to meet face to face with our donation recipients. From the smiles on their faces to their overall sense of relief, their reactions are a blessing to witness. 

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